How to Be a Great Single Parent

Photo of a mother carrying her baby at the beach.

There are more than 1.78 million single-parent families living in Canada, doing their best for their children, and making sure their kids have all the love, care, and support they deserve. Being a single parent isn’t easy. Managing everything on your own while taking care of your kids can be overwhelming at times. No matter how much you try, you always have the guilt of not doing enough.

These are some things that every single parent goes through. You might feel overwhelmed and even frustrated at the amount of work and responsibility it takes to be a single parent, especially if you’re new. Here’s a list of things you can do to be a total pro at single parenting.

Show Your Love

Managing your chores and work while taking care of your kids can be very challenging. Make sure to set some exclusive time for your kids. Praise your children and give them unconditional love and support. Make sure they know they can always come to you for any problem.

Create a routine for them so that it’s easy for you to manage everything. Find good childcare. Although it can be difficult, make sure to stay positive. This will provide a happy environment for the upbringing of your children.

Build a Support System

Although it might be very difficult for you to rely on others for help, make sure you have a support system. Don’t shy away from connecting with people. Let others help you. Just remember, asking or allowing others to help you isn’t a sign of weakness.

A child’s hand in an adult’s handAlso, don’t hold back from offering help wherever and whenever you can. It’s all give and take. You’ll have to help sometimes to ask for help in return.

Don’t Feel Guilty

It’s common for single parents to feel guilty for not doing enough. Just make sure you’re doing your best and keep reminding that to yourself. Don’t let your guilt make you doubt your decisions.

Be Organized

You’ll have to be organized to manage your own work and the kids’ routines simultaneously. Make sure to plan your day ahead of time and make necessary arrangements. It’s always better to know your schedule to save time.

Know Your Rights

Make sure you completely understand what your custody arrangement is and what rights you do or don’t have. You should also know the rights of your ex in terms of visitation and access to information about children. Being informed will make you feel more secure and act in a lawful manner. Make sure you also understand what consequences withholding visitation and access to information might have on your custody arrangement.

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