The Ultimate Guide to Family Sponsorship to Canada

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It’s always fun to live with your family, and living apart leads to the feeling of isolation. Every year, countless individuals register for family sponsorship in Canada. PGP initiative is one of a kind globally, allowing families to rejoin and prosper in the country. IRCC received around thirty thousand more submissions through this initiative in late September and late October of 2021.

IRCC plans to welcome approximately twenty-three thousand parents and grandparents to Canada annually under its Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023.

To sponsor your parents or grandparents in Canada, you first need to inform the Government of Canada by submitting your interest online. Before applying, don’t forget to ensure that you meet the admissibility standards.

The sponsorship process can be a little overwhelming for most individuals to clear all the confusion and help you understand the process of the sponsorship process in Canada. Take a look at the ultimate guide of understanding the processes of family sponsorship in Canada:

Why Shift To Canada?

Canada has been a high-immigration country since the late 1970s, as evidenced by the fact that twenty-two percent of Canadians were migrants in 2016. Following the outbreak, the Canadian government declared that its immigration target would be increased from the original one million for 2020-2022 to one point two million for 2021-2023.

Canada is now one of the world’s most popular migration locations. It’s a country that promotes individuality and multiculturalism, encouraging newcomers without prejudice. As an advanced civilized country, Canada has the highest proportion of foreign residents, with foreign-born persons accounting for roughly one-fifth of the population.

The world’s second-largest country greets immigrants with great enthusiasm and has a diverse population. The country has a lot to offer, from urban cities like Toronto with a thriving industry sector to gorgeous Vancouver, adventurous with a warm shoreline environment and majestic highlands, and pleasant winter temperatures in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Canada desires immigrants and also works to take care of them. Canada has approximately 500 immigrant-serving organizations. These organizations give free assistance to immigrants as they work to blend in with Canada’s economy and society. They also provide training, mentorship, language classes, and other assistance. You can find an organization by simply visiting the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada website (IRCC).

The Complete Guide On Family Sponsorship In Canada

In accordance with the procedure in this guide, you must be ready to organize your sponsorship proposal. Following the procedures in this guide to complete and send your registration, along with the forms and documentation.

It’s important to understand that you don’t have to employ a professional to help you, but it’s best if you hire one to avoid any mistakes. If you receive assistance, you must examine the material on their webpage regarding who can provide you with affordable and reliable assistance to evaluate and double-check your paperwork. However, it’s recommended to do your homework before hiring one, as one mistake can lead to rejection. You can make a complaint if you are unhappy with the support you have received.

A person completing the registration formRequirements To Sponsor An Immediate Family Member

If you match the following qualifications, you are eligible to sponsor a close relative in Canada:

  1. You’ve reached adulthood.
  2. You are a Canadian passport holder or have Residency Permit.
  3. You must show that you intend to stay in Canada once the individuals you sponsor become citizens.
  4. You have sufficient monetary resources to support the individuals you are sponsoring.
  5. You don’t receive any type of social aid.
  6. You aren’t in a detention center, a jail cell, or a state prison.
  7. You have never been convicted of a crime.
  8. You don’t owe an overdue immigration debt or a legally required family assistance obligation.
  9. You aren’t subject to a Removal Order.

Who Is Qualified To Enroll In The Family Class Sponsorship Program?

The family class sponsorship Canada program allows legal inhabitants to sponsor their family and loved ones. Sponsorship is available for the following individuals of your close circle:

  1. Your spouse
  2. Your offspring or your adopted child
  3. Your biological parents
  4. Grandparents
  5. Sibling
  6. Cousin or aunt

If a couple lost their child but the grandchild is still in the world, they are eligible for the sponsorship.

The Process to Sponsor Your Spouse or Child

The procedure of sponsoring your partner or child includes two applications that only the sponsor can fill:

  1. Application to become a sponsor
  2. Application for the permanent residence of your spouse or child

Following are the steps you need to follow to apply for the sponsorship:

1. Get The Application Package

The submission file will include a document review, registration paperwork, and a guide. Ensure you include all of the documents listed on the list. Follow the instructions if you need any assistance with the procedure.

A couple enjoying family time with their family

2. Pay The Application Fee

After filling out the form, the next step is to submit an application fee for the process to begin.

3. Submit Your Application

The next step is to submit the application. Before submitting the form, remember to double-check the attached documents and the details of the form to avoid any mistakes.

4. Submit The Remaining Documents

Another important step is to submit a medical exam report, police report, and biometrics of the individuals getting sponsored.

The Process to Sponsor Your Parents or Grandparents

You first need to submit an interest to sponsor form. Once your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to apply for the sponsorship. When applying to sponsor your parents or elders, you’ll have to fill out two application forms:

  1. The sponsorship application
  2. The permanent residence application for your family member.

Once both the forms are approved, you’ll have to sign an undertaking that you’ll take care of your family members’ essential needs.

The Process To Sponsor Your Adopted Child Or Secondary Family Members

Only hardcopy applications are accepted. You must ship your proposal to the given location after completing and signing the relevant applications, compiling your relevant documentation, and depositing your charges.

If your form is completed and includes all necessary paperwork and charges, IRCC will: issue you a confirmation acceptance statement with a registration number; evaluate your candidacy as a sponsor; and determine if the individual you are supporting fits the legal residency criteria.

If you and the sponsored individual are eligible, IRCC will write you an email asking you to attach your form to an email address. Here’s where you can learn how to integrate your application.

IRCC will contact you via your email address to seek further documentation. You must know about the documentation you’ll have to submit IRCC, like police or healthcare records.

If your hardcopy registration isn’t linked to an email address, you can use online resources to monitor your registration progress.

What Is The Income Threshold To Sponsor A Loved One To Canada?

Certain sponsorship proposals are tied to baseline annual limits, like those from relatives, guardians, authorized bereaved family members, or those who fit underneath the “lonely Canadian” program.

These sponsors should have the necessary MNI for their household division’s capacity and provide an NOA as proof that they have met the MNI for over 36 months.

As with many alternative types of Canadian sponsorship, you aren’t required to prove a reasonable budget to sponsor a partner. You must submit an assurance pledging to give monetary help for the sponsored loved one’s requirements when they arrive in Canada. This declaration is required for all sponsorship registrations, and it acknowledges a sponsor’s vow to provide income support monies to the sponsor and their close relatives. A further pledge will be necessary if the sponsor resides in Quebec.

The Period Of Getting The Sponsorship

The pledge is an assurance of unwavering support. The acquisition of Canadian nationality, dissolution, annulment, the breakup of a partnership, or relocating to another province don’t terminate the endeavour. In case your monetary state worsens, the undertakings continue to operate.

  1. For your partner or prevalent mate, the term is three years.
  2. Three years if the reliant youngster is over the age of twenty-two.
  3. For a reliant youngster under the age of twenty-two, the period is one decade.
  4. For your parents and elders, the period is twenty years.
  5. The period is about ten years for relatives other than your immediate family.

A COVID vaccination shotThe Latest Changes In The Sponsorship Program In Canada

As a result of the COVID outbreak, the Canadian government made interim revisions, limits, and assistance to several immigration schemes.

Modification No. 1:

The Canada Newcomers Initiative is launched by HSBC Bank. Eligible candidates will get one thousand dollars in monetary assistance and a five hundred dollar welcome incentive.

Modification No 2:

Immigrants who have already received vaccination shots are secured from quarantine and test screenings. The immunizations that are accepted are Moderna, AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech, and  Johnson& Johnson

Modification No. 3:

If you haven’t received an immunization shot, you will undergo COVID screening at the airport and also a fourteen-day isolation period. Failing to follow these guidelines may result in civil penalties, including incarceration.

Modification No. 4:

Some Canadian provinces impose strict requirements on top of those imposed by the federal authorities.

Modification No. 5:

Canada accepts submissions on various grounds, prioritizing PR applicants from underprivileged areas and key service staff.

Modification No. 6:

The processing time has been tightened up. The Government of Canada no longer extends deadlines for filing required documentation. Following confirmation of the application, you have one month to provide all documentation. It’s a good idea to have all of your documents ready before the visa authority calls you. It’s worth noting that persons who have been infected with the coronavirus may be eligible for extensions.

Reach Out To Immigration Consultants in Milton

A group of professional immigration lawyers in an officeSponsorship can be a complicated process. It often requires proper legal guidance. To make sure your sponsorship application is accepted on the first go, hire a Canadian immigration lawyer. These professionals have experience handling complicated sponsorship applications and can take care of sponsorship and permanent residency applications for you. They can also file and fight your sponsorship rejection appeals.

Immigration lawyers can help you with your case’s application procedure and other legalities. They are capable of offering recommendations to enhance your proposal composition.

If it wasn’t obvious, engaging an immigration consultant can assist you in boosting your likelihood of approval. They guarantee that the application has no errors or misinformation. All supporting documentation is submitted on schedule. They can even assist you in drafting a sponsorship statement and an invitation statement. Finally, they maintain an eye on the procedure. You may feel assured that having an experienced lawyer on your side will make the process go as smoothly as possible.

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