Why Is It Necessary to Prove the Paternity of Your Child?

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Paternity is recognition of a child’s father’s identity by law. Contrary to popular belief, listing a man’s name as the father on an original birth certificate does not establish paternity. In truth, a mother is free to name anybody she believes or wishes to be the father. A DNA profile is not the sole means to determine paternity, contrary to popular perception. Paternity can be determined using a variety of methods.


There can be a variety of reasons why you might want to establish your child’s paternity, but there are two reasons why It is critical not only for you, but for your child as well. This blog will highlight these two key reasons for proving child paternity.

Mother Seeking Child Support

A mother claiming child support will need proof that a given man is the biological father of a child, particularly if he disputes it. When a woman is seeking and requesting government assistance to raise her kid, paternity determination is very important. The government will not provide financial assistance to a child unless the mother has first requested child support payments from the man who is the biological father of the child.

Woman with her childrenMan Trying to Avoid Child Support

If you’ve been asked to pay child support for a child you’re not sure you’re the father of, you should know that there are methods in place to track down fathers who can’t be found and who may be evading child support by claiming they aren’t the real father. Once found, a court will order a paternity test to determine whether he is the father and, in case of a matching result, the man must pay child support.

Paternity testing assesses whether or not a child is yours. If you’re being held responsible for a child who isn’t yours, a paternity test is the only way to know if you have to pay those fees or not. However, you cannot simply refuse to pay the bills. If you want to avoid paying child support, you’ll need to undergo a court-approved and supervised test to establish you’re not the child’s father. If you are being obliged to make payments and are doubtful of your fatherhood, a DNA paternity test is the only method to determine and prove that you’re not the real father.


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