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Practice Areas

Business & Financial

Sole proprietorship refers to the individual ownership of a business. Here one individual is at the helm taking all the important policy decisions. There is a single chain of command

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Family Law

Legal advice should be sought in regards to your family issue. Provincial and territorial legislation on family law policy and legislation will differ from province to province.

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Real Estate & Land

Our experienced team of lawyers can assist you with a wide range of services in the area of Real Estate Law. We act for clients across the GTA, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton

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Wills & Estate

A current, detailed and valid Will provides you with the peace of mind and it prevents your passing from becoming a source of tension or a legally administrative burden upon your family and loved ones.

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Personal Injury Law

At Nanda, our experienced personal injury lawyer understands that accidents can have far reaching effects – both emotionally and physically. Surprisingly, traumatic accidents

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Employment Law

Employees are arguably the most important assets of any business. When a business hires its first employee, they need to ensure they are in compliance with Canadian employment laws

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Civil Litigation

A Statement of Claim to start your civil litigation can be filed against any other person, whether incorporated or not if it has caused you financial loss or physical damage.

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Other Cases

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we approach our clients’ matters, the way that we would approach our own. No matter what’s your legal issue, we will definitely find a solution for it.

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