Refugee Claims in Toronto: Understanding the Process and the Role of Immigration Lawyers

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In 2021, Canada welcomed three times more refugees than any other country in the world. The country’s dedication to stand by its immigrant acceptance on humanitarian grounds has been remarkable, and therefore, many looking for refuge opt to immigrate to Canada.

However, filing a refugee claim in Toronto is an intricate and time-consuming process. It’s advisable to rely on the expertise of an immigration lawyer to successfully complete the process and enter the country on humanitarian grounds.

In this blog, we highlight the process of filing refugee claims, but first, let’s discuss why you need the assistance of a refugee lawyer to do so.

Why Hire Refugee Lawyers?

After gaining years of experience in Canadian immigration, refugee lawyers are well-versed in the legalities of refugee laws. They’re also aware of the latest developments and can offer you thorough guidance when it comes to filing a refugee claim. From determining eligibility to assisting in the application, a refugee lawyer is your source for all things related to Canadian immigration.

Here are things a refugee lawyer can help you with.

Understand the Legal Process

Canadian immigration laws are vast and somewhat complex. From inadmissibility grounds to eligibility for refugee status, there are many considerations when opting for an immigration pathway. With the help of a refugee lawyer, you will better understand the legal process as you navigate it.

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File a Refugee Claim

As a refugee, you’re required to file an application stating your reasons for fleeing your country of origin. After assessing your case, a refugee lawyer will help you draft a compelling application. This application will become the premise for your case as you appear in front of the Immigration and Refugee Board for hearings.

Make an Appeal If Necessary

Although a refugee lawyer will make sure to fully prepare you for a refugee claim hearing, things may not go according to plan at times. In case you need to file an immigration appeal, a lawyer’s expertise and assistance will be of crucial value.

Connect with Support Groups

Refugee lawyers in Toronto can also help refugees and asylum seekers connect with support groups and find their way to settle in the country.

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