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There’s always some stress and trouble involved when you find yourself in a legal emergency. Whether it’s a business lawsuit or a family law issue, such as a divorce or a custody disagreement, resolving such complex matters has always been overwhelming for individuals without reliable legal assistance. If you’re undergoing something similar, we at Nanda & Associate Lawyers can help you out. As a group of highly qualified lawyers with decades of experience in a wide range of areas of legal practice, you’ll always be in good hands when you choose to work with us on your case.

From finding you a middle ground to settle on to fighting for you in court, we do it all. All you need to do to seek our services in The Kingsway, Toronto, is call us to schedule a consultation with one of our top lawyers in Toronto and start working today! Here are all the different ways we can help you as your lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto.

Always Keep Your Venture Afloat by Seeking Our Business Law Services for You in The Kingsway

Starting a business, running its operations, investing its assets, generating revenues, working with partners, and doing everything you can to make your business thrive over the years is challenging. Apart from the consistency and logistical effort this process requires, business operation strongly relies on what you do to conduct it lawfully at all times. The Canadian legal system is incredibly airtight when it comes to starting a business and running it.

From drafting elaborate contracts to helping you navigate through the ins and outs of business loans, commercial disputes, shareholder disputes, and bankruptcy, our top business lawyers at The Kingsway know what it takes to handle a business lawfully and ensure that it’s always in line with the legal requirements for businesses in Toronto.

Our business lawyers have multiple years of experience working with businesses of all sizes, regardless of the nature of their industry. With our legal services, you never have to worry about a lawsuit ending up on your business’s doorstep or the effective representation of your business in court.

Furthermore, our business law services in The Kingsway, Toronto, aim to help you focus primarily on your commercial activities while they handle all the legal technicalities at the backend.

Here are some of the cases and issues our business lawyers at The Kingsway can help you with:

Shareholder Disputes

Disputes and misunderstandings among a business’s shareholders are common reasons why many businesses fail to survive in the competitive commercial environment. Our business lawyers will take a close look at the nature of the dispute and recommend viable settlement solutions to prevent losses and make negotiations easier.

Contractual Disputes

Undermining a pre-agreed contract is a legal offense, especially in businesses. Whether you’re filing a contractual dispute against another party or have become a part of one, our business lawyers will do their best to get you out of a risky situation.

Banking Disputes

Banking disputes can often disrupt business processes, affecting your finances for an indefinite period. Therefore, our lawyers can take over such cases for you and help you keep your business afloat at all times.

Call or email us to schedule a consultation with our business lawyers today!

Ensure Your Financial Safety After Marriage with a Prenuptial Agreement

A common outlook about family law is that it’s all about marriage contracts, divorce agreements, legal separation, custody agreements, and other similar cases. However, a highly significant element of family law is the process of drafting and signing a prenuptial agreement to protect you and your partner’s financial future after marriage.

Marriage is a massive life decision. It often blurs the line between financial independence and codependency in a relationship, making it tough for both parties, especially if they decide to part ways in the future. A prenuptial agreement is an incredible piece of legal document that outlines the assets of you and your partner, including your joint assets, individual assets, and the way you both would like for them to be divided in case of a legal separation.

Understanding the ins and outs of a prenuptial agreement significantly depends on the family lawyer you work with. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we serve as the primary platform for anyone looking for the top family lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto. We’re well aware of how prenuptial agreements work, what they should include, and how to make the best use of them when the time comes.

Our family lawyers specialize in drafting these agreements with tailor-made solutions. Instead of going for a one-size-fits-all approach, our lawyers offer comprehensive consultations with couples to learn about their relationship and overall financial outlook. They use their findings to draft a customized prenuptial agreement, giving each partner the financial freedom and security they need to thrive in their relationship without being affected by unnecessary complications.

We’ll even highlight the important yet uncomfortable truths of a couple’s relationship that often affect a marriage in the prenuptial agreement. As a result, you never have to worry about the financial outcome of your relationship or marriage in case of separation, divorce, infidelity, custody disputes, and other similar cases.

If you’re looking for an open-minded, flexible, and hard-working family lawyer to help you draft a comprehensive prenuptial contract before marriage, don’t forget to browse through our family law services in The Kingsway, Toronto, and feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our top family lawyers today!

Going Through a Stressful Divorce? Reach Out to Our Divorce Lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto

The time of a person’s divorce is highly saddening and upsetting for all the parties involved in the process. It’s one thing most married couples don’t want to experience but are often made to do so due to unprecedented circumstances. With the emotional effects of a divorce taking a toll on your mental and physical well-being, it can be quite a challenge to also keep up with the legal complexities of filing or going through a divorce. Whether it’s a consensual divorce or a contested one, there’s no easy way to get out of a situation like this without proper legal help. Therefore, at Nanda & Associate Lawyers, our team of qualified and experienced divorce lawyers continues to make every effort to simplify the process for you.

Our divorce lawyers at The Kingsway, Toronto, have substantial knowledge of Canadian Family Law and the overall process of getting a divorce. Therefore, we’re incredibly quick to understand the nature of your divorce and develop the most harmless solutions to help you begin a new chapter of your life. These are three divorce types our family lawyers can assist you with:

Joint Divorce

A joint divorce is a common divorce type that usually happens when a couple mutually decides to end their marriage by filing for a divorce. It’s one of the most harmless divorce types that usually doesn’t affect one party more than the other. Therefore, going through it is often seamless, especially when you’re working with one of our divorce lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto. Once you’ve decided to dissolve your marriage legally, you can leave the rest to us when trying to finalize the divorce.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is where things often become complicated. A person has the right to contest or challenge their divorce when they don’t agree with their partner’s idea of filing for divorce. In other words, a contested divorce is not an outcome of a consensual decision. Fortunately, our top divorce lawyers have substantial experience in handling contested divorce cases. As a result, they can help you work a settlement out of court or represent you according to your terms inside the court.

Foreign Divorce

If you’re looking to file a divorce against a partner who lives abroad, our divorce makes sure you remain compliant with the requirements of Canadian family law throughout the divorce proceedings and beyond.

Top Family Lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto To Resolve Your Custody Agreement Case

Every parent loves their child and wants the best for them. As a result, every step they take in their life is to inspire their child and help them grow into happier and well-cared-for individuals. However, circumstances like a separation, a dispute, or a divorce among both parents often result in damage that they don’t intend to cause yet manage to do so. This is probably an outcome of messy custody issues that parents struggle to work out without the right legal help. Fortunately, our family lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers know what custody issues entail and how to create the perfect roadmap for parents and children to have their custody cases resolved as proactively as possible. Here are three great ways our top family lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, can help:

Differentiating Between Custody and Access

Many parents struggle to understand the common difference between custody and access, which ultimately results in even messier custody cases, affecting both parents and children alike. A child’s custody is when one parent serves as the legal guardian of the child. As a result, they’re primarily responsible for the child’s care, well-being, education, and overall upbringing. On the other hand, access refers to a parent’s right to meet their child and have access to them as ordered by the court of law. Our family lawyers will work with you to comprehend and understand the differences between the two so that you’re better equipped to decipher the custody agreement before signing it.

Representing You As a Parent and Caretaker

With our family lawyers’ support during your custody case, you’ll always be assured that your outlook matters. We’ll work tirelessly to represent you as a person, a parent, and a caretaker. In other words, we’ll always make your intentions and credibility clear when trying to prove why you’re well-suited to have your child’s custody or regular access to them. Working with us will allow you to be your true self without the fear of affecting your child’s physical and mental health throughout the court case.

Focusing on Your Child’s Benefits and Best Interests

We strongly believe in the fact that a child custody case is more about a child’s happiness and safety than it is about a parent. Therefore, we will always prioritize your child’s best interest when building a case for you and negotiating a settlement with the opposing party.

If you’re looking for a family lawyer in The Kingsway, Toronto, that you can count on, call us today!

Reliable Personal Injury Lawyers To Get You the Compensation You Deserve in The Kingsway, Toronto

Life is extremely unpredictable. Regardless of how many precautions we take and how much we plan for the future, unprecedented accidents can instantly turn out life upside down with severe long and short-term effects. Accidents are a leading cause of injuries and sometimes death among people of all ages and backgrounds. The most dangerous part is that they can occur at any moment during your day-to-day activities without warning. Whether you’re driving or riding a bike, an accident can lead to injuries that may have a massive impact on your life.

During such circumstances, it’s important to know whether it’s valid for you to file a personal injury case to be compensated for the physical and mental damage caused. A broken bone, a head injury, chronic pain, or a long-term disease resulting from an accident make you the perfect candidate for the compensation, especially during to the rising medical costs you’ll be subjected to.

Our personal injury lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, know the complexities of a wide range of personal injury cases. In fact, with their experience and knowledge, they’ll have the perfect strategy to represent you and your case to not only get you fair compensation but also to make sure the damage has been eliminated by the end of the case.

While nothing can truly make up for the loss resulting from a massive accident, our personal injury lawyers do their best to at least help you get back up on your feet when you’re trying to build your life from scratch. From drafting agreements to filing a lawsuit and representing you in court against the responsible party, we do it all.

We know how challenging it can be to navigate through life and resume it once you’ve experienced the trauma of being in an accident and healing from it. Furthermore, the financial loss that results from such experiences further worsens the issue. When you decide to take matters forward by seeking the help and support of our personal injury lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, you invest in your healing along with physical and mental well-being. Therefore, we’re always there to assist you when trying to achieve disability benefits after an accident. Whether you or a loved one is experiencing chronic pain from an accident, or the loss of an organ, we’ll do our best to build a strong case for you so that you never have to worry about being left alone during this challenging time of life.

If you’re a Canadian resident wondering how our personal injury lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers can help, here’s a list of all the accidents our lawyers cover and how they make you eligible for disability benefits if you sustain any form of injury from them.

  • Car or truck accidents
  • Heart disease
  • Addiction
  • Disability benefits
  • Product liability
  • Chronic pain and aches
  • Boating accidents
  • Injury claims
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Arthritis

Move to Canada by Resorting to Our Immigration Consultancy Services in Toronto

Canada is truly an exceptional country for anyone looking for endless opportunities for growth, independence, financial security, and a safe and peace-loving residential environment. It’s one of the reasons why thousands of people from all over the world choose to migrate to Canada whenever they get the opportunity to do so. However, filing for an immigration application, applying for the right visa, choosing the right program, and navigating the immigration process lawfully and seamlessly requires the assistance and consultancy of a highly knowledgeable immigration consultant.

If you’re someone who’s planning to move to Canada for residence, work, or to settle with family members, there’s no better way to get started than by requesting the assistance and consultancy of our immigration lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers. Primarily known as a leading group of immigration lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, we’re proud to assist our international clients and represent them with their immigration applications.

Choosing the Right Immigration Program

Our immigration lawyers have substantial familiarity with all the immigration programs available for international applicants by the Canadian immigration office. Therefore, the first thing we’ll help you with is choosing the right program that fits your purpose of going to Canada and makes you the perfect candidate to apply for it. From the Start-up Visa Program to temporary residence, business immigration, and more, our immigration lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, will first have a detailed conversation with you about your plans and purpose of moving to Canada. They’ll then be able to provide you with a strategy to get started and tips to get approved by the immigration office promptly.

Filing an Immigration Appeal

In case of a rejection of your immigration application, our top immigration lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, won’t ever let you down or let you give up hope. Instead, we’ll stand by your side and help you file an immigration appeal to have your application reviewed again. This is a significant step when you’re expecting a better outcome for your immigration application. Therefore, our immigration lawyers will make sure you fix the existing errors on your application and get the results you’re anticipating.

Sponsoring a Spouse or Family Members

Life is never the same when you’re living in a different country without your family, children, or spouse. Fortunately, the Canadian immigration system is fairly flexible in terms of helping applicants sponsor their loved ones’ migration to Canada. Whether you’re looking for an effortless way to sponsor your spouse to Canada or your family to move to Canada with you, we can provide you with the top immigration lawyers in Toronto to get the process started. All you need to do is schedule a detailed consultation with us to begin the process.

Maintaining Your PR Status

While achieving permanent residency in Canada is a massive deal for any immigration applicant, maintaining this status and navigating through the system as lawfully as possible is critical. With the help and support of our immigration lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, your PR status will always remain well-maintained.

Estate Lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto to Protect Your Loved Ones’ Future Beforehand

Being a family’s older adult and primary breadwinner for years comes with a significant amount of responsibility. As a leading adult in the family, your children and family members depend on you to protect their financial future and stability. There’s no better way to fulfill their wishes than by creating estate plans and wills beforehand so that your beneficiaries are always taken care of after you leave the world. The money, assets, properties, and heirlooms you leave behind can play a significant role in replacing your income in the family, repaying pending loans and debts, making college payments, and offering financial stability for your family in the future.

Despite seeming simple and quick, the estate planning process is quite elaborate and challenging without the assistance of a reliable estate lawyer at your service. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, estate lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, will serve as your right hand in making your estate wishes come true. Whether you’re making an estate plan or writing a will, our lawyers will tell you the right method of getting started and having all your finances allocated accordingly at the right time.

With the support of our estate lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, you never have to worry about your financial assets ending up in the wrong hands. Contact us to learn more today!

Navigate Through The Canadian Legal System By Scheduling Our Legal Services at Nanda & Associate Lawyers

Being a law-abiding citizen in Canada requires substantial assistance and consultancy from a lawyer who specializes in different areas of legal practice. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we’re a one-stop legal firm for anyone looking for legal help to win their court battles, be represented efficiently, and negotiate settlements without significant risks and losses being involved. From family law to immigration and personal injury law services, our lawyers in The Kingsway, Toronto, are always at your service to assist you whenever you find yourself in a legal battle or emergency.

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