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Nanda & Associate Lawyers has been serving the GTA, offering services since 2003, offering services across several fields and specialties, ranging from business and corporate law and family law to real estate law and others.

We work with both individuals and organizations (including businesses) who can reach out to us to set up a consultation with our firm. Our lawyers will review your documentation and take a look at your case in more detail. They will make recommendations based on years of experience, extensive knowledge, and dependable expertise, with the key understanding of the fact that legal issues of any kind are quite stressful.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers prides itself on being a diverse, multilingual law firm with a team that possesses an in-depth understanding of the Canadian legal system. You can hire our services in different specialties of the law, including the following services in Old Mill:

Let Our Team Handle Your Corporate and Business Law Requirements

Small, mid-sized, and large-scale businesses and corporations all have extensive legal requirements and needs, which is why you will need the services and help of business lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto. Our talented lawyers will be able to take care of day-to-day affairs, from writing contracts and documentation to more significant business decisions like purchasing assets and investing cash. You can also hire us to represent your firm amidst lawsuits and other legal processes.

You will need highly experienced and qualified lawyers to represent your business in all types of corporate scenarios, handling lawsuits and other issues as they come along. Without their experience, you could be looking at debt and legal fees or long-drawn-out legal battles that get in the way of your business’s expansion and growth.

You can hire our business lawyers in Old Mill who have the necessary skills and expertise to help you with your legal requirements regardless of scale, size, and industry. We work with clients across multiple industries, including medical practices, optometrists, and dental practices, who need our services.

The highly sought-after corporate lawyers in Toronto know Canada’s business legal system inside out, and they are here to help your business run more smoothly and effectively.

They can do everything from handling major lawsuits to building cases for your needs and tackling legal troubles that can easily spiral out of hand. Our business and corporate lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto, are committed to helping your business grow. Reach out to Nanda & Associate Lawyers for all your legal requirements and business management.

Among the extensive business law services our business and corporate lawyers in Old Mill offer, some of the most sought-after services include copyright protection, contract drafting and negotiation, monitoring business purchases, zoning requirements, and much more.

Let us take care of the legalities of everything from commercial projects to minor legal work, all at some of the most competitive fees and rates in the market.

Looking for Family Lawyers in Toronto? Reach Out to Us

Nanda & Associate Lawyers has some of the top family lawyers in Old Mill working for us. Our lawyers will be with you every step of the way, be it designing a marriage contract or prenuptial agreement, finalizing a divorce settlement, or stepping in for cases regarding child protection. You can also hire them to help you and your child’s other parent develop a co-parenting plan or a custody agreement. The range of family law services we offer is quite extensive.

Hire a family lawyer in Old Mill who can help with family-law contracts, agreements and arrangements, and various legal matters related to family life, marriage, childcare, and more.

Draw Up Prenuptial Agreements and Marriage Contracts

Despite being romanticized, marriage has some serious legal, financial, emotional, and physical implications for the people entering this partnership. This commitment will have very real outcomes for your future.

A great way to keep both you and your partner safe in your marriage is through a prenuptial agreement or marriage contract. Not only do these documents allow you to outline the terms and conditions of your relationship, but they also help protect marital and premarital assets and help you feel more secure and protected in your relationship. It’s helpful to outline multiple conditions, terms, and limitations of your marriage, including financial responsibility, asset ownership, inheritance, paternal or maternal rights, and children, and also determine established ownership and liability for a couple. You can protect both parties’ interests and help couples stay in the relationship on an equal footing.

Prenups and martial contracts are also used to outline which assets are jointly owned, what debts the couple shares and owes together set guidelines for childcare and payments, and generally separate finances and liabilities. You can also set clauses regarding infidelity, divorce, death, parenthood, and various aspects of your relationship.

To hire a family lawyer in Toronto,  reach out to Nanda & Associate Lawyers. You can work with them to create an agreement, mediate between you and your partner, or to formalize your mutual decision and terms. It’s important for couples to share strong communication and be clear about their expectations from one another to avoid confusion, stress or worry.

This is also a great way to protect your assets and wealth, divorce settlements, foreclosure, and other scenarios.

Our Divorce Lawyers in Old Mill Can Help You

No matter what the circumstances of your divorce are, there will be exhaustive amounts of paperwork to get through, in addition to its isolating and confusing nature.  You will need a lawyer who is sensitive to your needs and understands that it’s not quite challenging.

Our expert divorce lawyer in Old Mill, Toronto, can take care of everything, including divorce settlements, alimony payments, custody arrangements, asset division and various agreements and settlements, even if you and your soon-to-be ex are on the same page about most things.

When you choose our law firm, you can to work with some of the top divorce lawyers in Old Mill for both legal advice and representation whether you settle outside court or in court.

Our divorce lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto,  have experience with some of the toughest and most complex cases too,  including infidelity and incompatibility.

Canadian law recognizes three kinds of divorce, and our divorce lawyers in Toronto have  expertise in all three, namely:

  • Joint divorce:A mutually-decisive, amicable decision, with the divorcing partners splitting their assets You will require legal counsel representation to settle the matter, represent you, and to meditate.
  • Contested divorce:In contested divorces, the marriage ending is either the fault of or contested by one person or party. Contested divorces are most commonly associated with more complex cases, including infidelity, abuse, and general disagreement about the divorce terms, and ultimately a judge will help decide the settlement. This is why having legal representation is essential in order to protect and safeguard your interests.
  • Foreign divorce:Canadian family law needs a foreign divorce to be legitimized via local legal processes so that it can be validated and accepted. A family lawyer in Toronto can help you file your case and have it granted.

Hire Our Family Lawyers in Toronto  for Child Protection and Custody Agreements

Custody battles hurt the child or children involved, impact families and take a toll on the mental health, peace, and money, of all the parties involved.

The Old Mill-based family lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers can deal with the most sensitive custody cases and work through the family court system to help you and your family find an arrangement that is fair and helps everyone involved. You can work with us to reconcile or update your arrangements for your kids, and we will be there to negotiate and represent your best interests at every step of the way. We create joint custody arrangements, sole custody orders, and other flexible custody setups and arrangements personalized to each family.

Secure Compensation with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Old Mill

Accidents and injuries can occur anywhere, whether it’s at work, on the street, or in any other scenario, and more often than not, the nature and the extent of the injury can be quite severe,  leaving you with temporary or long-term disabilities.

Our personal injury lawyers in Old Mill are here to asset you or your loved one, regardless of who the injured party may be. We’ve worked with clients who’ve experienced the loss of a limb or extremity, had their senses or various organs affected, suffered from head injuries and trauma, or resulted in chronic pain. We’ve also represented individuals who’ve lost their lives due to these situations, securing compensation for their families.

Injuries and accidents need extensive treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, and downtime to recover, which means you will be dealing with medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and facing a loss of income and job instability simultaneously. The mental and physical stress and compromised quality of life alone are enough to build a case around.

You will need an experienced personal injury lawyer in Old Mill, Toronto,  to devise a plan and assist you in navigating through the courts, building your personal injury lawsuit, and gathering evidence.

They will work to secure fair compensation for the financial cost, pain, as well as mental and emotional trauma. From the bureaucratic processes to gathering data and evidence, they will make sure that the responsible party is held accountable.

Your personal injury lawyer in Old Mill will deal with the court systems and the responsible party, whether it’s a stranger like a driver, an organization, or even an employer, ensuring that your medical bills and rehabilitation costs are covered. We’ll also do our best to compensate you for lost wages and unpaid time off.

Our personal injury lawyers in Toronto will help you put together medical documents, photographs, police reports, witness statements and testimonies, and other relevant evidence to strengthen your case.

You can hire our injury lawyers in Old Mill to put together evidence, and documentation, build your case and help you at every step of your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit

The personal injury lawyers in Old Mill at our firm take care of the following issues:

  • Car or truck accidents
  • Heart disease
  • Addiction
  • Disability benefits
  • Product liability
  • Chronic pain and aches
  • Boating accidents
  • Injury claims
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Arthritis

Consult Immigration Lawyers in Old Mill for Your Immigration Case

Canada is regarded as one of the most immigrant-friendly nations in the world, accepting around 300,000 immigrants each year. Whether you want to raise your family here, own your very own business in, or seek asylum, there are several different ways to go about it.

There’s no denying that the Canadian immigration system is neither easy nor cheap, which is why you will need a skilled lawyer to help you.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers is an immigrant-owned and run business, and our team also comprises many talented, multilingual lawyers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.. Our immigration lawyers in Toronto have a deep understanding of the Canadian immigration system and know how to strengthen your applications and cases for a more successful turnout.

You can choose one of several immigration routes, including via marriage, for family members, or through businesses. Our immigration services include:

Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal sponsorship is the chosen route to bring your spouse to Canada or specifically to your province. At the end of the process, they obtain a spousal visa, permanent residence, or other paperwork that legitimizes their marriage, grants them certain rights to work and live here, and more. The process is exhaustive and needs multiple documents and various kinds of evidence to assure the legitimacy of your marriage; you’ll need everything from proof of income to marriage certificates, affidavits, testimonies and even pictures and personal memorabilia.

Please note that the Canadian government changes their spousal immigration policies and guidelines frequently, and you will need an immigration lawyer in Old Mill to help you finish your application. It’s a time-sensitive process and the sooner you have a qualified lawyer on board, the better your chances of getting it approved.

You can reach out to us whether you’re an applicant or beneficiary of spousal sponsorship, you can work with our immigration lawyers in Toronto for various services, including fine-tuning your applications, representing you during hearings and appeals, and general guidance.

Our team specializes in both inland and overseas spouse sponsorships, knowing the eligibility criteria for each. You can depend on our immigration lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto to handle everything. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Family Sponsorship

Canada’s family sponsorship visa process is definitely demanding and requires legal expertise and insight in order to make an application airtight. Since Canada is one the best places in the world to raise a family, you will need to ensure that your application is perfect.

Whether you’re sponsoring parents, spouses, siblings, and offspring, the application is both expensive and slow, and at the end of all that, there’s a chance of rejection. Our immigration lawyers in Toronto are here to help you start your Canadian family sponsorship, and you can contact them via Nanda & Associate Lawyers.

They’ll guide you at each step, from filling out your Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) application form to ensuring that your biodata and personal information are up to date.

Intra-Company Transfer Program

If you’re looking for a fresh start or new adventure without giving up your job or having to start from scratch, intra-company transfer programs are just what you need. These programs give employees a chance to explore various locations across Canada, including different cities and provinces where the company operates. You get to retain or upgrade your job and still go on a new adventure, and our Toronto-based immigration lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers are here to assist you.

Startup Visa Program

Take advantage of the  Canadian Startup Visa Program, which is a fast-track visa process that enables applicants to relocate or start their businesses in Canada, and move themselves and their families while simultaneously applying for their immigration application.

Canada has a booming startup culture which is what empowers this program to do so well and bring on entrepreneurs and business owners to Canadian soil. The Canadian Startup Visa is one of the most sought-after immigration routes for young business owners and their families and individuals who wish to expand their business internationally.

Another major plus of this business is the ability to transfer and migrate operations directly into the Canadian market and make the immigration process faster and more efficient for applicants.

The qualified immigration lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto at Nanda & Associate Lawyers are here to help you with this visa.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Nanda & Associate Lawyers helps candidates apply to various Canadian provincial nominee programs like the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) and the Quebec Immigrant Nominee Program (QINP).

OINP, QINP, and other such programs exist to make the journey to becoming lawful permanent residents in Canada smoother, providing applicants with guidance, social networks, and employment opportunities. Reach out to our immigration lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto, before applying to these programs and making the transition process easier for yourself.

Foreign nationals eligible for permanent residency status via OINP and other provincial nominee programs in Canada can also set up a consultation for more information about our services.

File Immigration Appeals with the Help of Immigration Lawyers in Old Mill

Immigrating to Canada is an incredible decision for most families and individuals, but it may not always work out. Often, applications are rejected, or you may be faced with deportation charges. The experienced Old Mill-based immigration lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers will be here to assist you in contesting these charges and appeal the immigration court’s decision.

Deportation orders or rejected applications are tough to deal with, even when there is hope to overturn and appeal them. You will need legal counsel to defend your right to stay and to appeal this decision. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, our dedicated immigration lawyers in Old Mill are here to help you deal with the immigration system’s decision, build your case, and represent you.

We can help our clients with everything from family sponsorships to spousal immigration appeals and much more. Set up an appointment with our firm to know more!

Our Estate Lawyers in Old Mill can  Are Here to Make Estate Management Easier

Worried about end-of-life planning? Do you want to ensure that your estate is divided fairly among your beneficiaries? You can hire our estate lawyers in Old Mill at Nanda & Associate Lawyers for extensive estate management services. They will help you with writing and updating your will, allocating and dividing all your assets, creating the terms of different trusts, and setting various conditions for your inheritance. Our estate lawyers in Old Mill can help you at every step of the way, including helping you write your will and handling the division of your assets.

Get in touch with our estate lawyers in Toronto to help you manage your assets and finances, discuss your liabilities and debts, and keep your family’s interests safe. You can rest assured that everything, from your wealth to your health, will be managed according to your wishes.

End-of-life planning can also focus on care, allowing you to make important decisions about your body and health, taking the decision out of your family’s hands. However, it’s also possible to delegate the power of attorney and give certain individuals the legal right to act on your behalf.

Hire our Real Estate Lawyers In Old Mill for Commercial and Residential Services

Whether you’re on your path to becoming a homeowner, you’re looking to invest in commercial real estate, or you’re a professional developer, there’s no denying the importance of having qualified, experienced lawyers on board.

You will require the services of a real estate lawyer in Old Mill to handle everything from contracts to buying and selling property and understand the intricacies of Canadian real estate law. Legal counsel will allow you to make more informed business and residential real estate decisions.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, you can work with some of the best real estate lawyers in Old Mill who will be able to help you with the many tasks and processes related to property ownership, renting, and much more.

Hire some of the most experienced real estate lawyers in Old Mill, working with them on getting consultations and advice in addition to various services. They will also be able to help you with zoning laws and ordinances, write out lease and rental agreements, take care of all your real estate taxation needs, and much more.

Real estate lawyers in Old Mill will also walk you through the buying and selling process, handling both commercial real estate, or handling residential real estate transactions, seeing as how you will require a legal team to handle all your paperwork, details, and much more. Our team will ensure that all your documentation is thorough and streamlined for greater efficiency, so your rights as a buyer, seller, renter, or tenant are secure. It will also allow you to focus on other areas of work, including business development, bringing on investors and stakeholders, and much more.

Our real estate legal services include the following specialized areas of focus:

  • Lease agreements
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Taxation issues
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Real estate insurance

Work with Lawyers across Several Specialties in Old Mill

Seek out help from some of the top lawyers in Old Mill, Toronto, at Nanda & Associate Lawyers. The firm has been serving clients since 2003, helping clients across the GTA with various commercial and personal legal services. Our team has lawyers specialized in handling everything from family law and divorce settlements to major corporate affairs and much more, and you can count on our highly qualified lawyers to give you the best services and legal counsel.

We are committed to your growth and serving your interests, and by evaluating your case, examining the scenario you’re in, and your specific needs, our lawyers will come up with effective legal strategies for you. Our team of multilingual lawyers in Old Mill reflects our values as a firm, showing commitment to diversity, inclusion, and public service.

Reach out to our firm through our contact form or email us to set up a meeting with some of the most talented and experienced lawyers in the region.

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