Wrongful Deportation From Canada and How To Take Action

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If a person is not legally allowed to stay in Canada, they can be deported or sent back home. They must leave the country after receiving a deportation order from Citizenship Canada or the Minister of Immigration. Re-entry can only be possible once they have received approval from the Ministry.

People may be deported from Canada for a wide range of reasons. Canadian authorities need certain documents, such as travel documents, to deport a person. To avoid being sent back to their home country, showing full cooperation is important.

Fortunately, you are well within your rights to appeal the notice with the help of a deportation lawyer in Canada, Here’s all you need to know to get started.

The Deportation Criterion

Permanent Residents

If the Canadian government believes that a person poses a security risk or if they have been convicted of a serious offence within the country, they can deport them.

If you or someone you know has received a deportation order, you must speak with an experienced immigration lawyer to resolve the issue immediately. Unresolved issues can affect how you can legally reside in Canada.

Foreign Nationals

After the stay period granted to foreign nationals has ended, they can be deported to their home countries. They can be sent back if they fail to comply with their stay extension or visit.

Denied Refugee Status

If a refugee claim is denied, the person will be asked to leave the country. They can also be sent back if they withdraw or abandon their claim.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens found guilty of a crime in their home country are liable for deportation, though only in extreme cases. If they are found guilty of a specific crime, they can be extradited to that country. Getting a deportation order can affect your status as a citizen.

Returning To Canada After Being Deported

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f a person fails to comply with the conditions of their refugee claim or refuses to enter Canada, they can be deported. Usually, the authorities cite various reasons for their refusal. Some of these include medical issues, errors, and criminal admissibility.

If you have been denied entry into Canada, you must contact an immigration lawyer to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Failing to act immediately could cause you to lose your status in the country.

Appealing Against Removal Order

You have the right to appeal the removal order that you have received. However, to avoid being sent back, you need to contact a lawyer. This can be very important if you are facing a potential deportation order.

Re-Entry Approval

Before you can return to Canada, the country’s government will need to see the various reasons why you have been ordered to leave. To get approval, you must show that you have a compelling reason to return.

You can get authorization to return to Canada from the Canadian Embassy. This will allow you to come back to the country after being deported. However, the approval process can take a long time.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers in Canada

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