Family Class Sponsorship Rejected

What to Do If Your Family Class Sponsorship Refused

Has your family class sponsorship been denied? Was your application to sponsor your spouse, partner, child, parent, or grandparent recently rejected?

Having a sponsorship application refused can be disheartening. But it is important not to lose hope.

Parents Sponsorship Rejected

There can be many reasons for the rejection of a parent’s sponsorship application. The sponsorship application may not be complete, important supporting documentation may be missing or wrong forms may have been filled up. Get in touch with skilled Immigration Lawyers to understand your options and move ahead on the chosen option.

Family Class Sponsorship Refused

In such a situation, you have to understand your and your sponsored family member’s legal rights and available options to make your family reunification possible.

Family reunification is one of the top goals of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Family sponsorship has many immigration streams under which family members can be invited to Canada and apply for permanent residency.

Spouse Application Refused

Was your spousal sponsorship denied? Has your fiancé, spouse, common-law partner, or child sponsorship been declined?
If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen wanting to bring your spouse, partner, or child to Canada, don’t be discouraged. There could be many reasons why your application would have been declined. Consulting with established Immigration Lawyers can help in understanding your options and taking appropriate action.

Parents Super Visa Refused

Was your grandparent’s or parents’ super visa refused? If a temporary resident visa or a visitor visa for your parents or family member was denied, you have many options available.

If the sponsor is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada then you can appeal to the IAD.

How We Can Help

Every time an immigration officer refuses a sponsorship application, a detailed refusal letter is sent. It is sent to the sponsor and the family member who is applying for sponsorship. In case of a denial, you have the right to appeal or pursue other forms of action.

Call us to know more about applying for a parent’s sponsorship appeal or spouse application appeal. Our well-informed immigration lawyers and consultants will assist you in resolving all your immigration queries. Whether you need help to understand the Super Visa eligibility requirements or prepare the Application to Sponsor your family members, our capable Immigration lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers will ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

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