Immigration Process for Canada – How we Get You Canada Visa

Canadian Immigration Process

How to Immigrate to Canada: A Step-by-step Approach to Canadian Immigration

Nanda Law Firm follows a step-by-step structured and time-bound approach to help you acquire Canadian immigration. Our process is hassle free and easy to understand by our clients. Once you choose Nanda & Associate Lawyers our legal experts provide you with all the necessary documentation and explain the process. Our package contains all the required forms, information booklets, documentation checklists and instruction guides for the entire process. Following is the step wise process that we follow:

Step 1: Introduction – We provide the client with our ‘Canada immigration package’ that includes all the necessary documents and instructions.

Step 2: Review of Information and preparation of Application Forms – Upon receipt of the information/documents, our lawyers will review the same and will prepare all relevant forms. In case of a missing document or information we request you to provide the same and undergo a thorough review to prepare the application.

Step 3: Preparing Legal Arguments – Once the documents are collected as per the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, we prepare comprehensive legal arguments to support the client’s application. Throughout the entire process we consult with the client to check for accuracy of facts and information.

Step 4: Submission of file – After complete review of documents along with our arguments the application will be submitted to the respective Canadian immigration authorities for processing.

Step 5: Acknowledgment – Client will receive an acknowledgement from the Canadian immigration authorities along with a file number. Immigration department may request additional documents if necessary.

Step 6: Waiver Notification/Interview – The Canadian immigration authorities in most cases perform paper review of the file. In few cases, to verify the genuineness of the information an interview may be required. In case the interview is waived, the client will be instructed to undergo ‘Medical Examination’.

Step 7: Interview Preparation – In case an interview is required, our immigration lawyers are ready to guide you about the interview process through a dedicated and personalized approach. Our interview preparation package includes sample interview questions along with other helpful material. Personal guidance is also provided, if necessary.We also undertake a mock interview to prepare the client about potential interview questions. This builds confidence for the real interview.

Step 8: Decision – Once finalized the decision will be conveyed to the client. Client will be requested to submit their passports for issuance of Visa. The client receives an immigration visa stamped on his/her passport.

Nanda and Associate Lawyers provide a complete range of Canadian immigration services from the initial review of the profile, through application process from initial review of the profile, through application process and post landing services.

We serve a vast clientele from across different nations including individuals, multi-nationals and small enterprises. Our lawyers specialize in Canadian Immigration and handle temporary work permits and permanent residency applications on a daily basis. Choose Nanda & Associate Lawyers for expert immigration advice at every phase of the application process. We believe in personalized service to every client.

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