Myths Debunked by Immigration Lawyers

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All sorts of myths and misconceptions exist about the immigration process. Unfortunately, many of them do a lot more harm than good, misguiding and often setting the wrong expectations for the applicants.

Here are some of the most common myths and the truth as explained by immigration lawyers:

Myth: Immigration Decisions Are Final

Many people are left devastated if they receive a rejection from the immigration office. But did you know that you have the option to appeal the decision? You can opt for a sponsorship appeal if you’re being sponsored or appeal with legal counsel to guide you.

This also applies if you’ve been given a removal order, allowing you to appeal to fight for your chance to stay in Canada. Make sure that you have the support of an immigration and refugee lawyer to make it easy to start the appeal process right away.

Myth: You Need To Return Right Away If Your Refugee Claim is Denied

Similar to immigration decisions, you can appeal for your refugee application if it’s rejected. Refugee cases are often dealt with some degree of leniency, making sure that they’re allowed to avail various recourse options until the removal order is issued. The downside is that not everyone can apply for a judicial review and appeal.

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People with criminal charges or unjustified refugee claims won’t have a good chance of applying. You’ll have to consult an immigration lawyer to get a verdict on whether you’re applying for the judicial review or not.

Myth: Marrying a Canadian Citizen Means You’re Guaranteed Citizenship

One of the major misconceptions is that simply marrying a Canadian PR holder or citizen means you receive citizenship. You have to go through the spousal sponsorship process. Similarly, both spouses need to meet the necessary condition.

The Canadian PR holder or citizen also needs to be financially capable of supporting their spouse until they become a permanent resident or for three years. Authorities will also require a fair bit of proof to ensure that your relationship is genuine.

Working with reliable immigration lawyers in Toronto can allow you to avoid various pitfalls and have a streamlined process. Our professionals at Nanda and Associate Lawyers have worked with various people applying for Canadian spousal sponsorship and have made it into the country. Our team consists of corporate lawyers, commercial real estate lawyers, civil lawyers, and family lawyers in Toronto.

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