5 Ways to Ensure Your Canadian Immigration Application is Successful

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Canada has set a target of 401,000 immigrants for 2021. With the country open for such huge immigration, this is the right time for people who wish to settle in Canada to apply for their Canadian immigration processes. If you’re planning to apply for immigration, be sure to be mindful of the following for your application to be successful.

Provide Supporting Documents

It’s crucial to submit supporting documents for the success of your application. Supporting documents can help you build a stronger application. Make sure you have attached all the documents required in the application along with all the additional documents.

Canadian Flag on a flagpoleProvide Proof of Funds

Make sure you provide enough proof of funds. This is evidence that you have enough finances to support yourself and your family in Canada. The immigration officers don’t just look at the funds but also the sources of funds. Make sure that the funds are accumulated through regular deposits. Deposits right before the submission of proof of fund are seen as a red flag. If the funds are insufficient or your sources of funds are irregular, this can lead your immigration officers to reject your application.

Clean Criminal Record

For your application to be successful, you need to have a clean criminal record. Involvement in any kind of criminal activity or violence can lead your visa to be rejected.

Good Health

Applicants, along with all their dependents, are required to take a medical exam with a doctor approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Anyone not fit is deemed to be a burden on the medical system of the country. Therefore, the country holds the right to deny visas on the grounds of health.

No Misrepresentation

Providing information that is incorrect or untrue comes under the misrepresentation of facts. There can also be an accidental misrepresentation. This is when the applicant forgets to answer or misunderstands something. If the information provided by the applicant isn’t right, their visa can be rejected.

No Fake Documents

Providing fake documents can have serious consequences. Your immigration officer won’t just reject your application, they can also have you banned from applying forever. Even if they don’t ban you, a visa rejected due to fake documents can taint your credibility forever.

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