Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Might Actually Be a Cost-Effective Approach

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Many people tend to avoid getting legal counsel during their divorce to save money. This is counterintuitive as a divorce lawyer’s focus is to help you save money that you might end up having to pay in the long run. If you’re unsure whether you need a divorce lawyer, these are some major reasons why you certainly do:

Your Spouse or Ex Has Hired a Lawyer

No law prevents you from representing yourself in court. But if you’re defending yourself and your spouse already has legal counsel, they’re on the offensive. With a lawyer on their side, they will be more versed in the issues and legal implications and put forward their clients case in an intentionally confusing fashion for a layperson.

Your spouse’s lawyer will have a more comprehensive approach to the matter and you can be at an immediate disadvantage and be unprepared for the conversation that awaits you. They might walk away from the resolution with more than you could’ve settled for.

Your Lawyer Can Guide You About Negotiations

Lawyers will always try to resolve matters out of court. Litigation can be fairly expensive and time consuming. Instead of going back and forth about matters, your legal counsel will recommend that you try to settle the matter through mediation or other means.

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In such cases, they will educate you about the different scenarios and issues that could await you. At the same time, they’ll give you suggestions and ideas that shade your case in a good light, to ensure that you’re not under prepared going for any negotiation.

Case-Specific Help

Divorce lawyers offer customized support to their clients. Depending on the client’s needs, their case may have different complexities. When it comes to shared properties and assets, matrimonial rights,  resolving matters becomes more complicated, especially if both parties are not on good terms. What your spouse might propose in settlement could be something you’re looking to avoid when considering your case as a whole.

If you require legal counsel to protect your finances heading into a divorce, having a divorce lawyer in Toronto can make a huge difference. Work with experienced professionals that have helped various others in similar situations as you. The legal team at Nanda and Associate Lawyers is here to assist you with your needs. Our services include the support of corporate lawyers, commercial real estate lawyers, and family lawyers in Toronto.

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