What to Do After a Hit and Run in Brampton

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What to Do After a Hit and Run in Brampton

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Canadian law requires drivers to stop at the scene of an accident and not doing so can carry serious consequences. Unfortunately, this does not deter some drivers from fleeing after they have an accident involving pedestrian Injury, other vehicles, or property. If you are the victim of a hit and run driver, be sure to have a personal injury lawyer on your side.

Get Medical Attention and Inform the Authorities

The most important thing to consider in the aftermath of an accident is the health and safety of yourself and everyone else involved.

It’s important that you or someone else near the scene of the accident contact the authorities. Emergency medical personnel can ensure that everyone gets the care they need, and law enforcement officers can gather the information needed to find the hit and run perpetrator. For example, police officers may be able to talk to witnesses who saw the hit and run driver, or saw the licence plate.

Contacting the authorities right away also starts a paper trail that can help you in the long run. By fully documenting the extent of your injuries and the severity of the accident at the scene of the crime, you lay a solid foundation for any civil claim you may make later.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If you were in a vehicle at the time of an accident, be sure to inform the insurance company that holds the policy on the vehicle about the accident. Even if you do not have any information about the other driver, the policy may help you cover some of your expenses.

If a hit and run driver damaged your home or commercial property, you may also contact the relevant insurance company to report the damage. Even in the best of circumstances, it can be difficult to get insurance companies of any kind to pay you what you need. With hit and run cases, it can be even more of a struggle. That’s why it’s important to have excellent legal advice and representation, even before you get to the point of filing a lawsuit.

Document Everything You Remember

From the moment of the accident to the final settlement, it’s important to be diligent about documentation. For example, you should write down everything you remember about the accident as soon as you can. You should also keep documentation regarding any injuries you sustained in the accident, the length of time you have to take off from work in order to recover, and anything relating to property damage from the hit and run.

Hire a Mississauga Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone commits a hit and run, they not only face criminal charges, but can be held liable in civil court as well. If someone harms you in a hit and run accident, be sure you get the compensation you need and justice you deserve. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we can help people who speak any of 15 different languages, including French, English, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, Italian, Gujarati, and Chinese. Contact us today to hire a Mississauga personal injury lawyer who will fight for a favourable outcome for you.