What is an Emigrant Vs Immigrant?

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What is an Emigrant Vs Immigrant?

What is an Emigrant Vs Immigrant?Immigrant and Emigrant are two very similar sounding persons who in fact, have very diverse objectives.

Both Immigrant and Emigrant are looking to move across countries and maybe even continents. So, mobility is the common factor in both the terms. The movement can have permanent or temporary implications. So, either an Immigrant or Emigrant may be looking to make a permanent move to one country or making plans for a temporary relocation only.


An Immigrant is a person who is making plans to enter into another country and settle down there. The Immigrant would be wishing to find a new home in that country and live, work, study there. The Immigrant has an intention of settling down in the new country they move to and leave the previous country of residence permanently.

Immigration has permanent connotations, and an Immigrant plans to settle down in the new country forever or for a substantial number of years. An Immigrant needs to move across and cross political boundaries of different countries.


An Emigrant is a person who wishes to leave a country to stay in another country. Emigration has permanent connotations and involves leaving the political boundaries of one country while exiting the country.
Let’s look at an example to understand their differences better.

Example– Once a person immigrates to a country, they are considered, immigrants in that country. So, if a person immigrates to Canada, they are called Immigrants to Canada.

If a person exits a country, he/ she is called Emigrants from that country. So, a person from Hungary would be considered an Emigrant from Hungary and an Immigrant when they immigrate to Canada.

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