Six Most Common Reasons for Spousal Visa Rejection in Canada

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In 2021 alone, more than 64,000 people entered Canada through the spousal sponsorship immigration route. And according to some estimates, spousal sponsorship remains one of the most popular Canadian immigration streams in the country that welcomes millions of immigrants every year.

But while Canada is keen to welcome family members of permanent residents, spousal sponsorship visa rejection is also not uncommon. Knowing the spousal visa rejection reasons and having an experienced immigration lawyer can help you avoid the trouble.

So if you’re about to sponsor your spouse, dependent children, conjugal partner, or common-law partner to Canada, look at some of the reasons you may face spousal visa rejection.

You or the Sponsored Spouse are Ineligible

Ineligibility is one of the most common causes of spousal visa rejection. You may be ineligible to sponsor a family member to Canada if you’re a permanent resident applying for outland spousal sponsorship (citizens can opt for it). Or if you’re sponsoring someone other than your spouse or children but do not have the financial means to support them.

Your sponsored family member/spouse may be ineligible if they have a criminal record, they’re a health or security risk, or have human rights violation charges against them.

You Missed Important Documents and Details

When applying for spousal sponsorship in Canada, it’s essential to be as detailed as possible in your application. If you fail to fully declare all the family members, miss out on important certificates establishing your relationship with the sponsored individual, or fail to provide your personal supporting documents, you’re risking rejection.

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It Hasn’t Been Long Since You Were Sponsored

Individuals who have been sponsored to Canada under family sponsorship must wait at least five years before they apply for spousal sponsorship immigration.

You Defaulted on the Previous Sponsorship

If you sponsored a spouse or family member in the past but failed to keep up their financial assistance, you may not be able to succeed on a new spousal sponsorship application.

You Are a Recipient of Financial Aid

If you’re a social assistance recipient in Canada, you cannot sponsor a spouse. Therefore, those applying for spousal sponsorship immigration must have strong financial standing.

You Have a Criminal Record

If you’ve ever been convicted of a criminal charge in Canada, you cannot apply for spousal sponsorship.

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