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People who need family law lawyers have different needs as compared to other specific cases. If you are going through a separation ,or if you need help with child custody or access, child or spousal support or a children’s aid society issue, or if you are about to get married and move in with someone, you may have concerns about your future life. You need a lawyer who listens, gives honest, direct advice, and achieves the most suitable results for you.

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Child Support Online Lookup (2011)

Annual gross income of paying parent:
(Note: The income will be rounded to the nearest $100 increment.)
Number of children:
Province of residence of paying parent:

DISCLAIMER: The Child Support Online Lookup is provided for general information only. It is not a legal document. You may wish to consult a lawyer for advice with regard to your individual situation.

For situations involving additional factors such as special expenses and shared custody situations, please refer to Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-by-Step. This booklet contains detailed information, instructions and worksheets that will assist you in determining child support amounts. If the paying parent lives outside of Canada, enter the country where the receiving parent lives.

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