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Mississauga Accident Benefit Lawyers

Accident BenefitAccident benefits or you say “no-fault” benefits, are available to anyone who has been suffered from a motor vehicle or truck accident. If you are involved in a major accident with a car, truck or motor vehicle, you must be aware of accident benefits you are entitled to. When you file a lawsuit against the faulty party, you have a right to have assistance from your insurance company.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, our law attorney help those victims who are seeking a fair settlement from the insurance company. We fight for you to achieve all the medical benefits that are necessary for your recovery. With an appropriate guidance and resources, we act as your trusted advocate in all the matters related to your accident case. You just give your financial stress to one of our lawyers and only focus on healing from your physical injuries.

Mississauga Lawyers Help Clients With Their Insurance Claim

As fast as you report your accident claim to an insurance company and seek legal representation, quicker you will be able to receive all the accident benefits you are entitled to. At our legal firm, we keep our clients updated with the all the rights they have. By having our transparent legal advice, you exactly get to know what you can expect from your insurance company.

In an accident when you are not at any fault, you get the following benefits:

Income Replacement Benefits: An individual is entitled to these benefits when he or she is self-employed at the time accident.

Attendant Care Benefits: These benefits incurred when you hire someone to help and care for yourself after an accident.

Non Earner Benefits: Non-Earner Benefits are meant for those victims who are unemployed or student at the time of accident.

Funeral & Death Expenses: One is eligible for funeral & death benefits in case if he/she dies at the time of an accident.