Intra Company Transfers FAQs

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The Canadian immigration system is heralded for its good public policies and intricate framework that offers different business immigration routes. One of these routes is the ICT system.

Canada’s Intra Company Transfer (ICT) system enables high-skilled foreigners to work in Canada temporarily. This program is perfect for those business professionals who wish to expand their businesses into the country.

It enables foreign employees in a multinational company to transfer to one of the company’s locations inside Canada.

Here’s an FAQ of everything you need to know before contacting Canadian immigration lawyers.

What Are Intra Company Transfers?

ICT is an immigration pathway that works under Canada’s International Mobility Program that enables high-skilled professionals to acquire a work permit in Canada. You can apply for an ICT work permit or LMIA-exempt work permit through the ICT transfer. Additionally, it will also allow you to secure permanent residency.

aerial view of TorontoWhat Are The ICT Categories?

Foreign skilled workers must fall into one of these three categories to be eligible for working in Canada under the ICT program. These include:

  1. Executives

These are the employees that primarily deal with the management of a company. They are either a major part of a company or leading management.

  1. Senior Managers

These employees are responsible for either partial or complete management or supervision of the work of other managers or employees.

  1. Employees with “specialized knowledge.”

They demonstrate specialized knowledge of a company’s products and services. These employees could also have advanced expertise in a company’s procedures and processes.

What Are The Requirements?

There are many requirements that all employees must fulfill to have their applications accepted. These include:

  1. The candidate must be employed at a multinational company with a parent, subsidiary, branch or an affiliate branch in Canada.
  2. The employee must be working with the company full-time for at least a year.
  3. The candidate must be working in one of the positions described above.
  4. The enterprise must be continuously doing business with the enterprise located in Canada.

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Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for legal advice.

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