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Obtaining a valid work permit is a primary requirement for any foreign national to work in Canada. Work permits are classified as open or closed, based on the employment and work restrictions applicable to the work permit holder.

Majority of the foreign nationals need to apply for and obtain the work permit before their arrival in Canada. Many of them additionally require an entry visa before they are able to enter Canada. To know more about how you can enter Canada on the different entry visas, click here Visit Canada

You can work in Canada by applying under a spousal work permit if you are accompanying your spouse to Canada who already has a job with a Canadian employer.

In some instances, you can get a pre-arranged employment with a Canadian employer who applies for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Why You Should Work in Canada

We understand that you are concerned about coming to Canada and finding suitable employment matching with your education, skills and experience.

It is vital to know which Canadian employers are hiring, how to get your credentials recognized and learn more about the Canadian labour market.

Working in Canada has many potential benefits for you and your family

  • Gain more points under the Skilled Worker/ Professional immigration category at the time of applying for permanent residency
  • Enables a positive impact on your application for permanent residency application under any immigration category
  • Adds points for your application for permanent residency under a Provincial Nominee Program

Know More

To understand more on the different routes to applying for a work permit in Canada, please visit the below pages.

Contact Nanda & Associate Lawyers today to know how you can come to Canada and successfully find suitable work options. Our skilled and experienced immigration lawyers will chart the path for the most desirable outcomes for you and your family.