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Permanent Residence in Canada

Canada is a country which places immense value on its immigration process. It highly values its immigrants who become permanent residents and ultimately citizens of Canada.

Permanent Residents are an integral element of Canada’s diverse demographic.
The term – Permanent Resident, is used by Immigration Canada to refer to a person who has a special status and is allowed to live in Canada permanently, even though they are not a citizen of Canada. The term landed immigrant also refers to permanent residents of Canada.
A permanent residency in Canada enables a person to live, work, study and stay in Canada for any duration of time.

Different Classes of Permanent Residency

In Canada, permanent residency has different categories including:

Family Class
Sponsorship of a spouse, partner, parents, dependent children and other family members for a permanent residency is done in this category.

Economic Class
Persons seeking permanent residency of Canada on the basis of investor or employment status is covered under this category.

Refugee Claims for Permanent Residency
Humanitarian and compassionate reasons for permanent residency applications are included in this category. Refugee claims and asylum-seekers also form part of this category.

Express Entry Program
Express Entry Program is not a specific category but a management of intake of applications under three different categories such as :

  • Federal Skilled worker class
  • Federal Skilled Trade Worker category
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Applicants should ensure that they meet any one of the above three categories prior to apply through express entry system for permanent residency.

What’s Next After Obtaining Permanent Residency

Once you have successfully obtained Permanent Residency, the next step is to apply for Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizenship can be applied by landed immigrants.

Are you planning to apply for Permanent Residency in any of the above categories? We can help.

Our informed immigration lawyers and consultants will assist you to resolve all your immigration queries.