IRCC Announces More Points for French-Speaking Candidates Under Express Entry

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently announced major changes to the Express Entry Canada immigration system that seeks to benefit French-speaking and bilingual candidates.

The Canadian government announced these changes on October 27, 2020 that gives a huge shot in the arm for their immigration target to obtain at least 4.4% French-speaking immigrants by 2023 in Canadian provinces except Quebec. 

Express Entry Canada – French-speaking and bilingual candidates to get more points 

Bilingual and French-speaking applicants will be granted additional points under the Express Entry Immigration system that manages permanent residence applications for skilled workers under the economic immigration category.

IRCC has shown a continued commitment to nurture and grow minority francophone communities within Canada, especially in provinces outside Quebec. Granting additional CRS points to Express Entry candidates with advanced French-language abilities is a step in the same direction.

With this, IRCC hopes to achieve its target of getting an increasing number of French-speaking immigrants to Canada. 

Express Entry Canada- Quick Facts About French-speaking immigrants numbers

Though the number of French-speaking immigrants to Canada is on an increasing trajectory, the results have not been very impressive. More steps are required to achieve the targeted number of 4.4% French-speaker immigrants in Canada (outside Quebec).

A bilingual candidate is expected to receive 50 CRS points under the newly announced changes, up from the earlier 30 points. While a French-speaking candidate will get 25 points now, that’s a significant increase from the 15 points awarded earlier.

Along with the pandemic-induced travel restrictions being eased off, both these new steps are expected to help Canada’s immigration levels inching closer to their predetermined targets.

Express Entry Canada Immigration -– How We Can Help

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