Labor & Employment Law

Employment Lawyers

A dynamic area of practice, Labor and Employment law refers to the set of laws impacting the employment relationship for unionized and non-unionized employees. Its wide-ranging responsibilities and areas contained within, offer immense scope to affect the lives of millions of Canadians and provides advocacy opportunities as well. Labor law refers to the legal regulations for unionized employees while employment law governs the employment law for non-unionized employees.

In case, you or an acquaintance has experienced or may be facing termination shortly, contact the skilled team of lawyers at Nanda & Associate Lawyers who are well versed in the concerned laws to help you understand your situation and available options.

It is advisable to take matters into your own hands and not wholly rely on your employer to act honestly and in good faith in your employment relationship. Whether you need support on discipline, dismissals, labor law, employment contracts, labour relations and regulatory compliance, we can help.

Our lawyers represent our clients in courts and administrative tribunals including:

  • Federal and Provincial Court
  • The Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
  • The Financial Services Tribunal
  • The Canadian and Ontario Human Rights Tribunals
  • The Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal

Simply put, we realise that your job was vital for you. Whether you were employed in a full-time or part-time role to meet your expenses, it played a significant role in your life. When you gave a part of your life and time to your ex-employer, as a dismissed employee, the law needs to realise the value of your time and commitment.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we focus on getting positive outcomes and avoiding litigation for you by giving you professional legal advice in this practice area of labor and employment.