Employment Lawyers

Employment Lawyers

Employees are arguably the most important assets of any business. When a business hires its first employee, they need to ensure they are in compliance with Canadian employment laws, regulations and associated guidelines. Complying with employment law and labour standards can be challenging for businesses as there are many nuances in employment law matters. Whether you have a small, medium or large business, obtaining legal advice is crucial to minimize the risk and costs of the business to maintain its competitive advantage in the industry. Employment Lawyers can help with employment law and labour standards.

Legal Representation & Support for Employers

In today’s strict compliance world, the responsibilities and obligations of Canadian employers are rising. Starting with human rights issues, workplace violence, confidentiality, harassment issues or labour relations, there are many areas where employers need to abide by and follow the law.

While focussing on the core business and its risk and liability issues, the employer also needs to manage the workplace expertly. At this time, companies need specialized legal counsel which they trust and can follow to maintain their legal obligations. Knowledgeable employment lawyers with up to date information should be present to assist you when you manage your employees. At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, you will find capable and specialized employment lawyers to impart legal counsel in all spheres of labor and employee relations.

Legal Compliance

In Canada, the employee and employer relationship can be complex. Complying with employment law and labor standards is imperative if any business wants to survive and grow. It is also vital to avoid any significant penalties for non-compliance.

Legal advice may be required on many issues such as compensation and contractual matters, human rights complaints, terminations and dismissals, immigration, pay equity, occupational health and safety, and workplace safety.

In the course of standard business transactions, a business may require information and legal guidance on many employment issues such as recruitment, employee relations, outsourcing agreements, collective agreements, and compliance with Canadian laws on privacy. Policymaking and enforcement of workplace policies are some of the areas where Canadian employers consult with us. Strategic guidance for newer developments in employment law and ensuring prompt compliance with them are some vital areas where we assist Canadian employers.

Interdisciplinary Partnerships

To work in employment law, Employment Lawyers need to engage with their colleagues in other complementary areas of practice laws.

Intellectual property, real estate, business, tax, immigration, corporate, and commercial law expertise are needed in many circumstances. Many times, legal advice needs to be complemented and modified with international law expertise when business and employment transactions end up crossing country borders.

Nanda & Associate Lawyers are also well-versed in employment litigation and related mediation processes and representation in federal and provincial human rights tribunals and labour relation boards. Arbitration hearings and client representation in judicial reviews also come within the scope of our services.

Our service offerings include representing employers for matters such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Termination
  • Discipline
  • Human Rights
  • Workplace policies and procedure
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Workplace Safety
  • Employment Contracts
  • Harassment & discrimination

We understand that every employment issue is different and needs to be treated accordingly. You can depend on us to provide support for all labour and employment law matters to keep your business protected and compliant at all times.

Employment Lawyers Mississauga – How We Can Help

We use our Canadian experience with global perspectives to provide competent and comprehensive advice. If you need employee relations guidance or help with employment issues, we can surely help.

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, our experienced Employment Lawyers understand your specific circumstances and provide tailored and customized solutions for each of them. If you are experiencing employee relation issues and need legal counsel, please call us today.

Our Mississauga Employment Law Lawyers are available for a no-obligation-free consultation. Come and experience our quality legal counsel and personalized care we give to each client. We ensure prompt communication and a professional approach to achieve successful outcomes for you.

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