Dual Canadian Citizens – Make Sure Your Canadian Passport is Valid Before You Fly to Canada

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Dual Canadian Citizens – Make Sure Your Canadian Passport is Valid Before You Fly to Canada

Dual Canadian CitizensAre you a dual Canadian citizen? If yes, then you will need a valid Canadian passport to come to Canada. As per the new entry rules for dual citizenship holders, just holding a non-Canadian passport will not be considered sufficient to board your flight to Canada.

When you travel to Canada, you will need to carry the Canadian passport with you always.

Know More About Travelling with A Valid Canadian Passport

All dual Canadian citizens will need their Canadian passports for travel to Canada. Children are also not exceptions to this rule.

The only exception to this rule would be for dual citizens who are American-Canadian. If they hold only a valid US passport, that will be sufficient for them to enter Canada. In such circumstances, they would require proper identification and would need to abide by the basic entry rules to Canada.

Travel Authorization

Sometimes, when you do not possess a valid Canadian passport, you may be allowed to fly to Canada using a special authorization. You may be eligible to apply for that special authorization if you hold a current passport from a visa exempt country and have a flight to Canada in less than 10 days. You may be able to make use of this provision only if you held a Canadian citizenship certificate or a Canadian passport. If you are a Canadian permanent resident turned citizen, you may still apply.

Canadian Passport

If you are wondering how to apply for a Canadian passport, do note that you will need the required documentation to show your Canadian citizenship. Do remember that original and valid proof of citizenship would be required to be submitted with the passport application.

You may need to apply for a citizenship certificate if you do not have a valid proof of Canadian citizenship. Processing for these certificates can be done urgently in specific cases. Once you have the citizenship document with you, you can apply for the Canadian passport.

If you happen to be outside Canada, you can apply to a government of Canada office in that particular country.

Renewing Your Canadian Passport

You will need a renewal of your Canadian passport if it has been issued for 5-year or 10-year validity and expired for less than one year. It should neither be reported stolen or lost and nor damaged.

A similar process is applicable if you are planning to apply for your child’s Canadian passport. All minors need to have their Canadian passport if they wish to enter Canada.

As per Government of Canada rules, an electronic system verifies the travel documents of all passengers before they board their flights to Canada. This initiative will ensure that all Canada bound passengers have valid identification and current travel documents before boarding their flight.

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