Documents Required for a Spousal Sponsorship


Being alone in a foreign country is hard, especially without your loving spouse. The separation can make people succumb to depression where they are constantly looking at the photos of their spouse and remembering the time they spent together. This not only is detrimental to their health but also affects their performance at work and social life within the community. This is where spousal sponsorship comes into play. Learn about the documents required for the application.

No Margin for Error

The standard processing times for spousal sponsorship applications for spouses can take anywhere between 6 months to even 2 years. However, since the pandemic, there has been a massive backlog which has made the process slower than usual. In such situations, the margin for errors is minimal and requires that all necessary documents get submitted correctly the first time around.

Important Documents to Include

A birth certificate is essential to prove that your spouse is at least 18 years of age. You also need to submit a marriage certificate to prove your marriage to the person. Furthermore, the immigration officials want to access that your spouse won’t pose a threat to Canadian society. Because of this, police certificates are required as well. Applicants must submit death and divorce certificates of previous spouses.

A-couple-walking-together.Have Support Documents

It’s important to have supporting documents that prove that your relationship is real. There has been an uptick in fraud cases where people pose as spouses just to get the person in the country in exchange for a hefty fee.

Get a supporting letter written by someone that knows both of you. Ideally, have a person of some level of authority, like a teacher in a well-known university, write it for you as opposed to your brother. In it, they will give a timeline of your relationship as well as how they believe the couple can contribute to Canada. You can also include photos of your wedding and other functions in your life to make your case strong.

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