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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation is a dispute in which family members or acquaintances contest the contents of a will or an estate. Complicated in nature, these disputes need to be resolved in a timely and sensitive manner due to the emotions and grief involved.

As per Ontario estate laws, mediation is a necessary step to resolve all estate disputes. With numerous laws defining the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the different parties involved, estate disputes can be demanding. Estate litigation disputes can have different nature such as will challenges, disputes interpreting the will, guardianship applications, dependent support claims, unjust enrichment claims, trust disputes, contesting trusts and much more.

Our knowledgeable estate lawyers will advise you of all possible options to ensure a successful outcome and a gracious end to the dispute. Our proficient and specialized lawyers assist clients with their dispute resolution services as outlined:

  • Contesting a Will or trust
  • In trustee dispute, filing Notice of Objection
  • In cases where heirs are excluded from a will, filing dependants’ relief claims
  • Petitioning trustee or executor disputes
  • Contesting trustee compensation or trustee accounts
  • Contesting to remove trustees for mismanagement
  • Acting as court-appointed estate trustee

At Nanda & Associate Lawyers, we take care to have a compassionate and personalized approach for all estate issues. Reviewing client specific legal rights and obligations is necessary to understand the different options available to the client.

We understand the delicate nature of the estate disputes and aim to achieve a successful outcome for you. With a proven track record, our knowledgeable estate lawyers will be your legal counsel in private arbitration or litigation.