Cannabis Legalization in Canada And Its Legal Implications For You

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Cannabis Legalization in Canada And Its Legal Implications For You

Cannabis Legalization in Canada And Its Legal Implications For YouOn October 17, 2018, Cannabis became legal across Canada. With the Cannabis Act being implemented, it provides a public policy led approach to regulate the production, distribution, possession and sale of Cannabis across Canada.

How much Cannabis can you possess legally?

As per the Act, purchasing and possessing up to 30 grams of Cannabis is allowed. Anything purchased or possessed more than 30 grams or purchased from an unauthorized distributor is considered a serious offence. Cannabis possession

What is Illicit Cannabis?

When Cannabis is sold, distributed or produced by a person prohibited to do so under the Act, it is termed as Illicit Cannabis. If a prohibited person imports cannabis from other countries, it is covered under the definition of Illicit cannabis.

Which activities are prohibited under the Cannabis Act?

As per Section 8 of the Act, cannabis possession and use are prohibited in below circumstances:

  • Possession or consumption of one or more classes of cannabis, more than 30 gram of dried cannabis in any public place by a person more than 18 years of age or older;
  • Possession of Illicit cannabis by any person 18 years or more when they are aware that they have Illicit cannabis in their possession;
  • Possession of more than 5gram of dried cannabis by a young person including one or more classes of cannabis;
  • When a person has a budding or flowering cannabis plant, in a public place
  • Possession of more than four cannabis plants by a person which are not flowering or budding
  • Cannabis Possession by a company or any organization

What Are the Rules for Impaired Driving?

Driving is illegal in Canada when if the driver is impaired due to any drug including cannabis. Standard Field Sobriety Testing implemented by Law enforcement officers can find and dissuade impaired drivers.

Specified limits of the drug in blood and additional testing tools are expected to strengthen the legal limits for enforcement for drug offences.

Can I carry Cannabis when travelling internationally?

Canada Border Service Agency rules for cannabis possession have not been revised or changed. So, possession of cannabis or any product containing cannabis continues to be illegal at the time of entering or leaving the Canadian borders, resulting in criminal inadmissibility for the possessor.

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