Canadian Immigration – How the New OINP Updates 2021 Can Impact You

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario’s immigration rules are changing to become more fair-minded and providing more opportunities for international students. One of the biggest OINP updates of 2021 has just been announced and is currently under implementation.

For prospective Canadian citizens, this is great news that promises to give them better opportunities and levels their playing field. Let’s know more about the upcoming changes to the registration process of its economic immigration streams.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – What You Should Know


Till February 2020, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) was functioning on a first-come-first-serve basis in which prospective applicants applying earlier had the upper hand. With the new changes announced, the OINP will now move towards an Expression of Interest (EOI) model.

It should be noted that many other Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are using this model to manage their immigration applications and new prospective residents. In the EOI model, all applicants are ranked on multiple parameters, including but not limited to the labor market, human capital, and other factors.

The new EOI system will be applied to many economic immigration streams including but not limited to:

  • D. graduate immigration stream
  • Master’s Graduate stream
  • In-Demand skills economic stream
  • International student immigration stream
  • Foreign worker economic immigration stream

Even as the new OINP is under implementation, these streams are not accepting new applications. It is anticipated to reopen in the coming weeks when the revamped EOI model is launched.

New Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Changes in 2021 – How will they impact you?


With the Ontario provincial economic immigration streams switching to the EOI model, international Ph.D. and Master’s degree graduates are expected to have significant advantages. Their applications would be standing a better chance as compared to the earlier system, and the applications would be considered on their potential and merit.

In late 2020, the news of the Ontario immigration system revamping was released and this move was based on the strategic labor market needs of local businesses. Since then, the province has started testing the new EOI model and confirmed that most of the 250 feedback submissions received were positive.

Submissions from prospective applicants, employers, professional and industry associations, immigration associations, consultants, representatives, and individuals were significantly encouraging.

The province also shared that both targeted and general draws would be planned, and EOI point allocations would also be released on the website. The province would release further details as the rollout date comes closer.

Benefits of the Proposed EOI Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program


Let’s take a close look at how the new OINP model compares to the older OINP system.

In March 2021, Ontario sent provincial nomination invitations to apply using OINP to 754 Express Entry candidates. Nurses, accountants, and investment managers formed the bulk of the occupations to be invited. At this time, candidates made their applications using the OINP portal that’s complex to navigate due to the following reasons:

  • It took a minimum of three hours to complete one application
  • The short registration time gave rise to a first-come-first-served musical chair concept
  • Candidates having an unstable or poor internet connection were unable to complete their applications

Since application to Ontario PNPs have a higher demand, the short registration windows would fill up in a matter of minutes.

In the new EOI system, prospective candidates can apply to their chosen immigration streams in a targeted manner. When they submit their resume with their work experience and education credentials, they will be assigned a provincial score. Candidates with higher scores will be invited to apply for a provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program – How We Can Help


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