Can My Spouse Get a Canadian Work Permit?

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A work permit is a legal document provided by the government that allows you to seek and hold jobs. Getting a Canadian work permit for your spouse relies on factors such as your and your spouse’s immigration, sponsorship, and citizenship status. Here’s whether your spouse can or can’t hold a Canadian work permit under various circumstances.

You’re a Canadian Citizen, But Your Spouse isn’t

Your spouse’s work permit will depend on their immigration status. If they’re a permanent resident, they can work in Canada. If your spouse is a temporary resident, they’ll have to apply for a work permit. They can only apply for a work permit if they meet a set of criteria.

A professionally dressed womanYou’re an International Student Bringing Your Spouse

Your spouse might be eligible to get an open work permit under these circumstances. An open permit will allow your spouse to work for any employer in the country. Your spouse or partner can apply for the permit before they arrive in Canada. They don’t need a job offer to get the permit.

You’re Sponsoring Your Spouse Who’s in Canada

It depends on whether your spouse already has a work permit or not. If they already have a permit, they can continue to work. However, if they don’t have a work permit, they’ll have to wait and apply for a work permit with their application for permanent residency. If they have a work permit that is about to expire, they can keep working as long as they maintain their status as a worker.

You’re an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Applicant Bringing Your Spouse to Canada

Your spouse can apply for an open work permit if you’re an AIPP applicant and your job type is listed in Skill Type 0, Skill Type A, B, or C in the National Occupation Classification.

You’re a Skilled Worker

Spouse and common-law partner of a skilled worker can apply for a work permit provided that they’re in a genuine relationship with a principal foreign national who meets the following criteria.

  • Has a work permit, or is authorized to work in Canada.
  • Has the authorization to work in Canada for more than six months after the spousal work permit is due.
  • Is residing in Canada while being employed.
  • Meets the employment criteria.

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