9 Things to Do If Your Child Is Involved in a School Bus Accident

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As parents, the very last thing you want to hear is that one of your children has been in an accident. School buses are subject to stricter regulations than the majority of other vehicles on the road. Collisions and injuries are avoided by their design. Stop-arm rules are also in place to prevent illegal passing, and it is illegal for drivers to navigate roads during poor weather. This is why school bus accidents are very uncommon. According to a study in the United States, school buses are seven times safer than regular buses.


But even though school bus mishaps are uncommon, the impact of bus collisions can be devastating if they do occur. If your child was involved in a bus-related traffic accident, what you should do in the days and weeks after the event is critical to preserving health as well as their legal rights.


Here are 9 crucial steps you have to take after your child’s school bus accident.


1. Call the Police

In case of accidents, it’s usually the driver or any other person who calls the police to report the incident, but you must call the police yourself too, just in case someone hasn’t. Describe and specify the situation so that the police can launch a medical emergency response.

A police car driven by a police officer2. Seek Medical Help

Seek emergency medical attention as soon as possible if your child is suffering any discomfort or new symptoms. Internal bleeding, bulging discs, damaged organs, and broken bones are just a few examples of injuries that don’t usually show up on the surface, so it’s critical to get medical imaging done as soon as possible.

Even if your child has suffered injuries that did not necessitate immediate medical attention, they should be examined by a doctor for a complete check. Some injuries show up after weeks, and some after-effects can show up as well. This will ensure that your child’s injuries are properly treated, as well as general medical documents detailing your child’s injuries, their severity, and their connection to the bus accident.

3. Document the Injuries and Keep Records

Whatever injuries or scars your child has sustained because of the accident, take pictures or videos, and document them. Keep all records of the medical examination and preserve every bill and medical prescription your doctor has suggested for your child which is related to the incident.

4. Document the Scene and the Accident

If possible, take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident before the involved vehicles are moved. If possible, take pictures of the license plates of the vehicles involved as well.

5. Get Driver’s Information

If possible, get a picture of your child’s bus driver’s driving license. All other details about the driver are not really necessary if a license is available. Although the police will retrieve all the relevant information regarding these matters, there’s no harm in you having it as well.

6. Collect Information and Document the Accident

Oftentimes, you will most likely receive the news, and initial details from the school district as a parent of a child injured in a school bus accident. The school may provide you with information regarding the bus accident and the efforts it is taking to address the situation. Keep files of this information in a secure location so you can retrieve them later. Speak to other parents whose children were also on the bus and try if you can discover anyone who saw the collision. Eyewitnesses frequently have information that nobody else has.

Make a proper timeline of the eventand connect all the dots about the details eye-witnesses provided and the account of the accident the school provided, and see if there are any irregularities or if something doesn’t match, so you can later use it legally.Document the accident thoroughly and properly.

7. Document your Child’s Recovery

Oftentimes, an accident is not just physical damage or hurt. It’s also the mental trauma that comes with it. Make a note of the exact ways in which the bus accident has affected your child, both physically and mentally. Physical pain at the sight of the injury or any other place, insomnia, nightmares, emotions of anxiety, depression, and worry are everything to be aware of.

It’s also vital to keep track of any activities your child is unable to participate in due to injuries sustained in the bus accident. They might be scared to play sports, out of fear of re-injuring any part of their body. They might be scared to go on a bus, or even on the road again. They might be walking unusually due to the accident. It’s important to note every detail regarding your child related to the accident.

During the healing process, write down any concerns you see and take photos and videos of your child’s injuries.

 A doctor performing a check up on a child8. Follow-Ups with the Doctor and a Therapist

You must keep follow-up examinations with the doctor since some injuries can show up or continue to impact them even after weeks. A doctor can continuously monitor the progress of the injuries and can indicate best when the injuries have completely healed.

Getting therapy for your child is also very important so that they can recover from the mental trauma the accident might have caused. Therapists can help children overcome the fears they have developed due to the accident and allow them to realize these accidents are very uncommon, and likely to never happen to them again.

9. Hire a Lawyer

If you are legally pursuing the case, which you should, it’s better to hire a professional lawyer and let them guide and help you along the whole process. Experienced lawyers can help you a lot in your case and can help get your child their deserved compensation legally.

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