6 Steps to Take Following a Dog Bite in Canada

An owner petting their dog

The victims of a dog bite can go through physical and psychological pain due to the incident. Additionally, these victims might also have to endure the financial burden of medical payments brought about by this incident. Here are the steps that any such victim can follow to recover from the accident and acquire monetary compensation for the damages.  

1. Get Medical Treatment

The first and the most important step to take after a dog bite accident is to seek medical attention. This visit will not only ensure your health and well-being but also provide proof of injury for the latter steps of the process.

2. Find the Owner

No financial claim can be made without the identification of the dog owner. Soon after receiving medical treatment, you need to find who the related pet belongs to.

3. Write Down the Details

The details of a traumatic incident are likely to be forgotten by the victim soon after the accident. Take the help of any witnesses and family members to document all information regarding the incident. The place where the accident took place, the time of the day, any details about the dog, the pain experienced by the victim, everything needs to be carefully written down for legal proceedings.

4. Take Photographs

To solidify your claim of injuries, you will need to provide a sufficient amount of proof that supports your claim. If possible, take pictures of the place of the accident, the wounds, and any damage caused to your belongings by the dog.  

A dog on a sofa5. Submit a Police Report

Personal injury lawyers in Mississauga can help the victims of a dog bite accident file a report to the police if the dog’s owner has been identified. In the case of failure to identify the owner, a report is filed to the animal control department of the area.

6. Request a Settlement from the Owner

The dog owner is liable to pay the victim an amount of settlement money as requested by the victim. This matter can be mutually resolved between the two parties or taken to a judicial court.   

In many cases, the victim might face certain difficulties when acquiring an insurance claim for monetary settlement for a dog bite accident. In such a situation, personal injury lawyers of Mississauga at NANDA & Associate Lawyers can ease the process for the victim and help them receive the settlement amount they are owed.




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