6 Foolproof Tips to Ensure a Smooth Divorce Process

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Around 40 percent of marriages end in divorce in Canada. This means 2 out of every five couples end up divorcing each other. Divorce can be very tricky and emotionally shattering, especially if you have kids. You need to file for divorce, go through asset division, fight for child custody, and make child support arrangements, all while dealing with the hurt of a broken marriage. To make your divorce process a little easier for you, here are five things you can do to ensure a smooth legal separation.

Make an Early Settlement Offer

Providing an early offer to settle helps provide the other party a way out. Moreover, even if the initial offer isn’t accepted, this provides a ground for both parties to negotiate.  

Be on the Same Page as Your Lawyer

Your lawyer should understand your demands. They should know what you want out of this settlement and should take the case in the same direction. If your lawyer doesn’t understand what you want, they can waste both your time and money pursuing things you have no interest in.

Your Ex Can Still be Your Co-parent

Understandably, both parties might be deeply hurt, but you might have to keep your hurt and anger aside for your kids. Make sure to be respectful to one another. Don’t make any rash decisions involving your kids, such as withholding visitation or access to information about your children from your spouse. This can have an adverse impact on your custody case.

A baby kissing her motherYou’ll have to see your ex even after your divorce for your kids. Make sure not to do anything just to hurt the other person. Always remember, your kids are way more important than your conflict. If possible, work together to provide your kids with stability and all the love and support they deserve.

Stay Away from Social Media

Make sure not to vent about your divorce or your ex on social media. This can make things worse for you. The other party can easily use your posts in court against you. If you can’t hold yourself back from posting, stay away from social media altogether.

Make Sure You Understand Everything

Divorce and child custody are very complicated legal processes. If you don’t understand anything, make sure to ask your lawyer. Sometimes, parents can confuse things like primary residence and sole custody. Make sure to completely understand what you’re fighting for.

Hire the Right Lawyers

Hire the right family law lawyers who have experience in this area of law. These legal professionals can guide you better. They also have experience in winning such cases. If you’re going through a divorce or custody battle, contact Nanda and Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation. We have experience handling divorce and custody cases. We’re also some of the best Canadian immigration lawyers who can make your dream to study in Canada come true.

For any divorce, custody, or immigration-related trouble, book a free consultation right away!  

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