5 Handy Tips for When You Experience a Fall

an injured person after sustaining a fall

Slips and trips can cause serious injuries. More than 42,000 Canadians are injured by a slip and trip incident, and more than 1,800 are sent to hospitals for unintentional falls every year. It can be exceptionally bad for the elderly with fragile bones and weak bodies. It’s therefore important to know the right tips for when you experience a fall. Here are all the things you should do after a slip and trip.

Seek Medical Treatment

The very first thing to do after a slip and trip is to seek medical treatment. Not all slips and trips require a trip to the ER. However, it’s best to seek medical help if you’ve been hurt, injured, or have hit your head. Make sure the doctor properly documents your injuries. This documentation is crucial to file a slip and fall claim.

Medical professional in scrubs taking notesReport the Incident

No matter where the accident took place, you need to report your slip and fall. Find the person in charge and report the incident to the right authorities.

Document Evidence

Make sure to document all the important evidence. Collect the names and contact details of all the witnesses. It’ll come in handy if you decide to file a slip and fall claim later. Make sure to take a picture of the exact place of the incident. If any factors contributed to your fall, such as ice patches, water on the floor, or anything else, capture it on your phone’s camera as well. It’s important to document all the evidence for your claim.

Decline to Give Statement

Limit your communication with the store manager or property owner. Don’t give any statements. Make sure not to discuss the incident with anyone, as anything you say can be used against you. Don’t post anything about it on social media or discuss the claim if you’ve already made one. Refuse to speak to any insurance officers without consulting your lawyer.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer  

If you wish to file a slip and fall claim, hire a personal injury lawyer. It’s important to hire the right legal professional with expertise in this area of law. Make sure to file your claim as soon as you can, as some of the insurance companies may have rules regarding the time period of the claim after the accident.

Don’t hire any lawyer; find the best personal injury lawyers who have handled similar cases like yourself in the past. If you’re looking for such professionals to help you fight your slip and fall claim, call Nanda and Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation. We handle personal injury, real estate, family law, civil litigation, and real estate cases. We’re also one of the best Canadian immigration lawyers who can help you with your Canada spouse visa and sponsorship application. For any legal trouble, get in touch now.


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