4 Type Of Cases A Civil Litigation Lawyer In Vaughan Can Handle

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Lawyers can help you deal with various legal issues, from negotiations during a divorce to seeking restitution. A civil litigation lawyer is a lawyer who helps settle legal disputes between two parties when one or both parties are trying to get money or other remuneration from the other.

Both parties represent themselves in civil lawsuits with the help of a legal counsel or civil litigation attorney. 

Here are some of the most common types of cases that a civil litigation lawyer handles.

Contractual Conflicts

When one or more parties who have entered into a contract are unable or unwilling to execute their duties, a contract conflict arises.

This can happen when the agreement is drafted in ambiguous language and doesn’t have clear terms, causing the signers to have differing expectations. It also might be due to one party overextending themselves and lacking the funds or workforce to fulfill their promises.

In such cases, a civil litigation lawyer helps settle the disputes between both parties.

Disputes over Property

Property law helps deal with disputes over ownership rights of property and the damages made to your property by others. Such types of disputes can be handled by a civil litigation lawyer in a variety of ways.

a person signing a legal documentProperty line conflicts are the most common type of property dispute that civil litigation lawyers face. One party claims that their neighbor has crossed the boundary between their two residences for planting or building.


Torts are civil cases in which one side claims that the other party has harmed them emotionally or physically. Tort suits can take a variety of forms; they can include a person’s financial safety, property security, or physical safety.

Assault, violence lawsuits, and negligence cases in which one party claims that the caretaker failed to perform their assigned responsibilities are a few common torts that civil litigation lawyers deal with daily.

Class Action Cases

Like tort lawsuits, class action lawsuits are also civil claims, where one party sues the other party for causing physical harm. The only difference is that the prosecution represents a whole group of individuals who’ve been harmed by the same thing and not just one person.

 a person signing an agreementFor example, exposure to hazardous substances or defective products where the faulty item causes harm to several people before they’re recalled is a common class action case.

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