3 Scenarios Where You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Toronto

A divorce lawyer speaking with their client.

Divorce can be a financially and emotionally challenging time for all the people involved. All the support you can get helps you persevere and move on from matters step by step. Having the top divorce lawyers in Toronto in these particular situations can make a big difference:

You And Your Divorcing Spouse Have Children

Divorce with children involved is never an easy situation for the family. In fact, these cases often require extra care and attention, especially with the various matters related to kids. You will require a divorce lawyer that also has information about family law, considering you’ll have to discuss visitation and custody rights with your spouse.

If matters aren’t amicable about children or you have reasons to believe your spouse will want their custody, you will need legal counsel in the matter.

You Expect Your Spouse to Put Up a Fight

After knowing your partner for so long, you become well aware of their nature. If matters have turned sour between you and your partner, you can expect them to put up a fight in legal matters. Many divorce lawyers will tell you unique stories of how spiteful once cordial people can be trying to get back at their soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

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If matters have been difficult to resolve with your partner in the past or both of you have a history of arguments, getting a divorce lawyer should be a top priority.

Your Partner Already Has a Lawyer

If your spouse has hired legal counsel for the divorce, you should start speaking to a divorce lawyer. It’s not advised that you deal with matters on your own. While you can legally represent yourself, it can be a bad move.

Your spouse might end up winning more, so you’ll need someone with relevant skills and expertise to guide you in the divorce process. Not only does it help you feel better about the ordeal as you’re not alone, but it can help you protect your rights.

If you and your partner are going through a divorce, having a divorce lawyer in Toronto can help a lot. Work with experienced professionals that have ample knowledge from representing similar clients. The legal team at Nanda and Associate Lawyers is here to assist you with your needs. Our services include the support of corporate lawyers, commercial real estate lawyers, and family lawyers in Toronto.

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