3 Myths About Child Custody Debunked

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Many couples going through divorce find it difficult to agree on the division of financial assets but talking about child custody during a divorce is off the charts.

Many divorced parents are confused about Canadian child custody laws because of the vast myths and misconceptions associated with them. Keep reading this blog to debunk three child custody myths.

Myth1: Children Can Choose The Parent They Want To Go With

Children can inform the court about the parent they want to live with, but that isn’t the final decision. Judges consider a child’s preference, but the decision isn’t based on it. A judge evaluates a parent’s financial condition and other relevant factors to decide custody.

Myth2: Child Custody Settlement Always Goes To Court

Not every child custody case goes to court. If both the parents mutually agree to a child custody settlement, you can draft a document and incorporate those terms into your divorce agreement.

 A parent signing a child custody agreementUnderstandably, making a child custody agreement from scratch can be challenging. We suggest you hire family lawyers to navigate the legal jargon of child custody in Canada.

Myth3: Moms Receive Full Custody

In some cases, fathers don’t try to fight for child custody because they believe no matter what they do, the mother will always receive custody. However, fathers can also get custody if they present a strong case in court that they are ready to take care of their children.

You should hire experienced family lawyers if you’re a father who’s looking to get child custody after a recent divorce. A lawyer can help you prepare for the child custody case and negotiate on your behalf. They can work out the child custody settlement with the other lawyers to ensure both parents get what they deserve.

Hire Family Lawyers To Get Child Custody

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