3 Different Types of Immigration Appeals in Canada

An immigration lawyer evaluating documents for an appeal

Even though Canada is a hospitable country, they reject almost thirty-five percent of immigration applications due to errors in the application forms.

Many applicants don’t know what to do after their immigration application is rejected or when their permanent residency status is revoked. Every applicant needs to file an immigration appeal to get their immigration process back on track. Continue reading this blog to learn about three different types of Canadian immigration appeals.

Spousal and Family Sponsorship Appeals

Want your family to migrate to Canada and start living with you? Apply for Canadian spousal and family sponsorships. However, your application can get rejected if it doesn’t meet the regulations set by the Canadian government. If the IRCC has rejected your application, you can appeal the rejection to the IAD.

You should be aware of your appeal rights if you want to submit a successful immigration appeal application. We suggest you always consult an immigration lawyer who can evaluate your immigration application and assist you in filing an extensive appeal.

Permanent Residency Appeal

Did you know you need to be physically present for 730 days every five years to complete your permanent residency requirement? Many applicants don’t fulfill this requirement and lose their permanent residency status.

Immigration document on the roadYou should file for a permanent residency appeal if you’ve lost your PR status. You can send your immigration appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). You will be issued a removal order if the IAD dismisses your immigration appeal. This is why we recommend you hire immigration lawyers who can help you submit an appeal.

Removal Order Appeal

You can’t live in Canada if you’ve been issued a removal order by the IAD. You should appeal for the removal order by drafting an immigration appeal. You must hire lawyers to appeal on your behalf if you don’t have the technical knowledge.

Hire Immigration Lawyers In Canada

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We can help you collect all the paperwork for the appeal and help you submit the application in no time. Our lawyers are aware of all the tips and tricks that can speed up your immigration process.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our team today for more details about our immigration law services.

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